Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dry Creekbed

We've lived here 13 years and have never seen the creek totally dry................
No significant rainfall since early May in this immediate area,
just that one quick shower a couple of weeks ago.
The water level fluctuates in this creek, depending on the amount 
of rain or if the river is in flood stage.
Normally water is flowing through here several inches deep
with pooling areas about two feet deep.  
The bridge is almost 6 feet above the creek bed.

Old leaves caught on a vine from back when the water used to run through here.
It is so dry now there are spider webs along the bank (to the lower right of the photo)
and green weeds trying to grow up in the middle of the creek bed. 
Now is the time to go exploring for treasures if there are any to be found in it - 
and to think about diverting the water flow away from the bank it is washing out
(which is our field being eroded!).

Funny, I submitted the photo above early last week week for 
Photo Of The Week consideration in our local newspaper.
Three days after mine was submitted one of their photographers went out
and took photos of another dry creek for print in the paper.
I wonder if my photo inspired him ? 


  1. They should have just used your picture! How strange to see it completely full. You should take a picture from the bank and put a ribbon on a tree to help you find your way back to that exact spot, and then take another picture this winter or again in spring when the water is high.

  2. We have a small river that runs through a nearby town. The girls and I often go to the river walk and cross the bridge to the playground. Before we received our little rain showers, we could have walked across the river bed without stepping in the water. It was quite alarming as we have never seen it that low before. It's a little better now, but still far from the normal depth...
    Your creek bed pictures are wonderful (even though they should have water in them...) and I'm sure you may have triggered something with your photo submission!

  3. Sounds to me like their contest is the way they get new ideas to publish. They totally copied from you!!!
    Great post!


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