Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The cherry tomatos seem to be doing just fine :)

NOT the yellow.........

or the heirloom red. Sigh............... 
so sad to throw away so may 'maters. 
I've had two red ones come off
 the plant okay - and boy were they good even though
they were only the size of a small tangerine. 

These are the plants, they are loaded
with lots of tomatoes, but the larger ones 
have the rotten bottoms. 
I've removed all the rotten ones from the plants, again. 
I am NOT going to water them for a few days 
to see if maybe that helps. Perhaps the soil they are in
this year is retaining moisture more than I realize,
despite the drought and extreme heat we are having,
and that is the problem. 

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  1. Mom and Dad are having the same issues this year... She called it sun scald and thought it was caused by the combination of heat and lack of rain. Pretty frustrating, no matter why it happens... I stuck with cherry tomatoes this year and haven't had any problems.
    We ended up taking the 'burnt' ones and cut the bad part off to use for juice. I hate throwing things away, but it is so irritating when you want them for fresh eating!!


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