Monday, July 30, 2012

Rain !

 Woke up Sunday morning with cloudy skies, cooler temps  - Aaahhhhhhhh! 

I knew if it started to rain I wanted to try to get a couple of
photos, try to catch a decent shot to send in to the
Photo Of The Week contest in our local paper.
I had planned on trying to get one of rain on the old bricks.
Not too impressive.

Before long there was enough water
to make a puddle on the driveway !

It came down a bit harder, creating bubbles in the puddle.
Zooming way in from my vantage point in the garage -
and not knowing the best settings to use on the DSLR
to try to catch the action of splattering raindrops - 
make for grainy photos. 

First time water has come out of the downspout in ages !

This is the first time the daughters car has been washed in months !

I was hoping to see a bird or two splash in the puddles,
no such luck. 

We had light sprinkles for a half hour with one short downpour. 
Of course it was immediately soaked up by the parched earth. 
What little was standing on the driveway 
evaporated into the air right away. 
I'd guess 1/4" of rain .
Just a small dent in the 15" (and counting) of rain needed here. 

Thanks for looking =) 


  1. We had a good rain last week so its helped alot. We are still way down from rainfall totals too.

  2. That must have been such a relief, even if it didn't last long!

  3. Great pics! I really love the one with the birdhouse on the side of the building and the rain coming down!
    Such a great idea to take pics of the rain, especially since it has been in such short supply for us this year!


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