Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Auto Cross - My Digital Studio pages

I had the opportunity to drive my car on a small auto cross course this past weekend at a large all Ford event. It was the first time I have ever done such a thing and the first time that car has ever been raced like that. It was soooooooo much FUN! Also kind of embarrassing at the same time: I'm sure I gave those watching a few laughs as I killed it on the track and missed a turn. It was still a really neat experience and I'm glad I did it - even more glad I didn't break or wreck the car =)

So here are a couple of My Digital Studio scrapbook pages to share that I threw together to commemorate the experience. I think they still need some tweaking though.

I created my own background paper by using color logos I found online. I altered them in Photoshop Elements to make them black and white transparent background PNG files for use with My Digital Studio. That process took a bit of work to figure out and make them look decent, but now I think I know how to do it if I need to for other projects !

I created a folder named "Automotive" in the Embellishments folder of My Digital Studio to save them in. On my computer, the path is
Computer / C drive / Program Files / My Digital Studio / Components / Embellishments / Automotive = the custom folder I created. I also saved the large colorful logos taken from the web site and altered in Photoshop Elements to transparent background PNG files in this folder.

Once you have all of your custom images created for a project and saved in the appropriate My Digital Studio program folders, you will need to close then reopen the program (at least I must do this on my computer). They need to be loaded into the program. Start a new project and the newly created images and folders should show up when you look for them though MDS.  Thumbnails for them will be created in My Digital Studio as you access them.

To create the custom background paper, I started a new project, 12 x 12 custom scrapbook page. I inserted several of the images in a row to my liking on a Whisper White background, copied that row of images then pasted it over and over. Once I was pleased with the design, I saved and exported the project to JPG. I saved the JPG file and loaded it back into a "Custom" Backgrounds folder in the My Digital Studio program file folders. Same path to find the folder as above, only choose Backgrounds rather than Embellishments. Be sure to name each of your images and papers something to help you distinguish what they are.

The rest of the supplies used on the above page are:
-Square punch, Real Red, drop shadow
-Large corner punch, Basic Black, drop shadow
-Basic Black grosgrain ribbon, drop shadow
-Real Red Scalloped dot ribbon
-Socket font

I've not ever added a video or sound clipt to a digital page in My Digital Studio, but I may add the video clip of me driving the course to this one.

Note that I am using the original version of My Digital Studio on an older Windows Vista computer.  

For this page, I created a sort of tire tread design (it really needs to be tweaked some more though) using corner punches and square punch squished down into a thin rectangle shape.

The traffic cone was made with the pennant punch elongated slightly and a squished rectangle punch, both color filled with Pumpkin Pie and a drop shadow added.

I used the Extreme Elements splatter in a couple of shades of gray with large drop shadows to try to create the look of tire smoke.

The background is a large square punch layered on Basic Black background paper. The punch was filled with gray then stamped over with the Textured background stamp in Basic Black, reduced opacity.

The three photos were added with Basic Black photo mats and drop shadows.

I used the "Socket" font. I may change that.....that is one of the neat things about creating digital projects with My Digital Studio: you can change things if you don't like it .

Thanks for looking =) 


  1. I love the tire treads...leave it like it is. This is such a cute idea. Love all the pages. Sounds like a fun time.

  2. You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! These are great and I am sure the experience was fabulous!! LOVE the tire tread and the cones!!!!!


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