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Fiskars Fuse Contest Entry 1

The latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine had an insert with two die cuts in it, challenging crafters to use them and post their creations for a chance to win the new Fuse die cut machine from Fiskars. I took that challenge and here is one of my projects using the die exactly as it came. I'll post the other tomorrow.

Unfortunately I did not take step by step photos nor do I have patterns. I will try to explain how I made it. 

This is the photo I posted to the contest page,


I used an empty ribbon spool as my base. Cover the bottom hole with heavy duty tape, fill with craft pellets, sand, etc to weight it down then tape over the top hole. Paint the inside and edges with acrylic craft paint. You could wrap a strip of decorative paper on the inside rather than paint it.

Lightly sand the bottom of the spool to rough up the slick surface so adhesive will stick better; glue on a piece of felt or card stock.

Lightly sand the top of the spool to remove the slick finish before adhering embellishments. I used a large scallop circle die cut and made an accordion fold flower out of shimmery paper. Be sure to find the center of each item as well as the tape covering the hole on the spool. Punch a hole in each for the dowel rod to fit snugly into before gluing the pieces to the spool.

The "faux ribbon" was created by printing a saying onto a scrap of drafting vellum, trimming and gluing to the roll.

Here is another project I made using an empty ribbon spool as the base to a little display item: Boo Who


Paint the dowel rod, if you'd like, with acrylic craft paints.

I folded a piece of scratch paper in half and cut out a large heart shape to use as a pattern. I traced this onto four coordinating pieces of decorative paper (all from an old Die Cuts With A View paper stack).

I folded them in half and made a sandwich out of them, carefully keeping them lined up edge to edge. I ran them through the Big Shot die cut machine all at one time with the heart shape from the Movers and Shapers die set that was available through Stampin' Up!

Run lines of clear drying glue or clear dimensional adhesive (such as Crystal Effects from Stampin' Up!) around the edges of the heart openings and along the edges of the large hearts/tree. Apply glitter.

Tape a small piece of clear fishing line across each of the heart shaped openings, on the back side. NOTE: You could just do this to four openings so long as you note which ones they are and how they will line up so when the tree is assembled, each opening has a piece of clear line across it for attaching the photos.

Glue the sides of the tree together. Be sure to leave a small opening at the very top and bottom in the center for the dowel rod to slide through.

This is how my page looked in My Digital Studio, 
ready to be punched out.

Attach heart shaped photos with double stick tape, back to back, to each opening. I used the full heart punch from Stampin' Up! I also used My Digital Studio to make the heart shaped photos first. I opened a new scrapbook page project, inserted 8 heart shaped digital punches then filled each punch with photos. I printed them then punched them out. NOTE: my printer does not print from My Digital Studio properly so I had to make my digital heart punch/photo images larger than the actual punch size in the program to fit the paper punch properly. I did a practice piece first, altering the size (had to increase the digital punch size by about 1/2 inch) of the punch until it fit the actual punch nearly perfectly.

Hot glue small bows to the tops of each heart shaped window.

Pink Pirouette and Whisper White card stock as well as circle punches
from Stampin' Up! were used to create the tags. I wrote the names with a Sharpie marker. I applied Crystal Effects and glitter around the edges of the white circles. Poke a small rhinestone brad with a little piece of pink organdy ribbon through the hole at the top to make a bow. Attach a piece of pink organdy ribbon behind the tag and to the top of the tree. NOTE: I had to trim one of the ends off of each of the brads so it didn't show because of the position it had to be in to hold the bow in place properly, I could not rotate it to hide them.

Make a large bow out of pink satin ribbon and hot glue to the top of the tree.

Yes, this is yet another project featuring my pets rather than family. According to the rules of the contest, no people faces are allowed so I didn't want to have my project disqualified by using family !

Thanks for looking and if you would, take the time to look at all of the entries in the contest on the Fiskars facebook page. Of course all votes (five per day per email address) are much appreciated ! Voting starts September 3rd and ends September 16th. THANK YOU !

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  1. Heather, this is beyond amazing!! Such a pretty display piece and I love the recycled ribbon spool!!

    If you have the link for the voting, please email it to me!!


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