Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paint Distressed Card Stock - more styles

A couple more samples of things I've done with acrylic craft paint on card stock

wax resist - using an old clear candle, lightly rub over the card stock
then paint over the wax. Carefully remove the dried paint by
rubbing with an old rag. I love to recreate an old 
weathered, painted wood look with this technique.

 sponged - dampened stampin' sponge with a light touch of paint on the top sample
sea sponge with a bit more paint on the bottom sample

ragged with crumpled up plastic wrap 

washed - watered down paint brushed on with a wide paint brush

dry brushed

I have also used acrylic craft paints and crackle medium on chipboard 

It's fun to experiment with different mediums on card stock 
to create different background effects!
Above are just a few ideas.

Thanks for looking =) 

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  1. OOOOHHHH! You are inspiring me to get out the acrylics!! (hopefully they're not all dried up by now...)
    Each technique is awesome and I'm thinking I might have to set aside a day to paint!!


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