Friday, August 24, 2012

Wood Spoon Snowman

I was looking at the latest creations on a  blog buddies page (  and noticed she was selected to be a part of a design team on a new blog in September ! I'm very excited for her and can't wait to see what they are going to offer, after all the title is Anything But A Card and I like to make all sorts of crafty things. This is one I will need to try to make an effort to follow =) Anyhow, I decided to peek at each of the other design team members blogs to get a feel for what they make.

While visiting sbartists blog this evening, I saw she was having an altered wooden spoon blog hop in honor of her blogs 5 year anniversary. I decided to whip one up. My little snow guy is rather boring when looking at all of the awesome artsy projects that have been shared, but none the less, it was an excuse to put one of the wooden spoons I bought many years ago to use. I had been a long time subsciber to Crafts magazine and there were a couple of projects I saw way back when that I wanted to make requiring a wooden spoon, never did get around to making tthem and don't recall exactly what the projects were now.

I made my own mitten out of scraps of red felt, freehand drawing a pattern for it. I first thought about making it have a bean bag base so it could stand up somewhere. Then I thought it might be better to make it as an ornament for the Christmas tree or perhaps attach it to a "Let It Snow" sign.

I stitched along the edges with some old fuzzy thread that was to be used in a needle punch tool I bought, no joke, easily 20 years ago - and have never used!!!! Now I wonder what was I thinking back then. Truthfully I know : "Oh, it'll make cute decorations on the kids' clothes!" I have an itch to get it out and try to make a little ornament for the Christmas tree. I may stamp a piece of fabric with a snowman image and needle punch it in.... maybe.... one day.
Anyway, back to the project I've shared here.

I cut the wooden spoon down then painted it with white acrylic craft paint. Dotted on black eyes with the end of the paint brush, rubbed on a bit of blush (really needs to be light pink paint to show up better).

The nose is made from orange Sculpey clay. It is one I have had in my stash for some time. I made a dozen of them one day so they'd be ready to use if I ever needed one for a project.

I stamped a snowflake (Snowfall set from Stampin' Up!) with white paint onto the felt then added a couple of little rhinestones. I would rather have used a snowflake die cut piece of white felt, but I don't have one the correct size that could cut through the felt.

Lightly stuffed the mitten and inserted the spoon head, hot glued into place.

Tore a scrap of fabric, tied around the neck, hot glued on a button.

The little shovel is something from an old item that broke long ago. It has been waiting ever so patiently in my craft dungeon to be used again one day.

I'll be sharing how I made the projects I submitted to the Fiskars Fuse contest here on my blog in a couple of days, so come back soon. 

Thanks for looking =) 


  1. Heather - I love your "Frosty Snowspoon"!!! He is so adorable in his mixed-media mitten and is the perfect addition to the Altered Spoon Bloghop. This would make a perfect Christmas ornament or a trio in a cluster for a doorhanger {look who you have inspired}. I am thrilled you were inspired to play along - I have been Christmas creating all year and it's even more exciting that your project is full of wintery cheer. Sending you many big crafty hugs!!!

  2. Oh Frosty is very cool (no pun intended lol) He would be the perfect addition to the Christmas decorations.

  3. Love this! And you SO fit in with all the crafty people!! So glad you could use your fuzzy thread!!

    Isn't her blog fantastic?

  4. You little snowman spoon is very creative and festive. I love him!


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