Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Stream Runs Through It

FINALLY, after months of drought and no significant rains, the remnants of Hurricane Isaac dumped a couple of inches of rain on our area. There is more to come, but right now we are in a break between bands so I wandered out in the drizzle to snap a couple of photos. 

 The utility company came out to cover up the exposed gas line in the creek, dumping in a load of rock. These shots are before the rain and after...... you can see that there must have been quite a rush of water, as to be expected, coming through because some of the rocks are moved. The last time there was water running though the "creek" was May, the last of the standing water was dried up by early June.

The photo above is a slightly different perspective of the photo I sent in for Photo Of The Week consideration to our local newspaper. This shot was taken standing on the bridge looking downstream towards the vine. The original was shot standing on the bank looking upstream towards to vine. 

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  1. Great pics!! Hmm...what is that muddy looking wet stuff? I seem to recall seeing something like that before... :)

    We've actually managed quite a nice little rainfall ourselves. Now my yard(weeds) is all shaggy again!


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