Monday, September 17, 2012

Abandoned Dog

Free To Good Home-
How can you say no to that face ?
She has puppies that look just like her,
only they have tails where she has just a stub.

Irresponsible neighbors let their female dog become pregnant twice, keeping all of the puppies. One of the older pups had pups of her own a few months ago; they have those puppies still. Over a dozen dogs were there at one time and as well as over a dozen cats (plus far too many mice, rabbits, chickens). Sad.

The little mamma dog found her way to our house two months ago. She would come by for a bite to eat and some attention a few times a week. Nothing but skin and bones and still nursing the pups when she first showed up. Craving attention, rather hyper and no manners whatsoever, always jumping up on me, nipping at me or running around my feet as I walked, tripping me up. She is also a "tinkler", that is she would urinate from excitement or nervousness, fear maybe.  I felt bad for her so I bought some dog food, would put some out every evening she showed up and kept a water bowl full. I also used scraps of our food as treats to try to teach her some manners. She is better, but needs more work with someone that knows how to properly train a dog. 

Last week the family moved out, leaving many of the animals behind. We were told they were going to be taken to the humane society (which I didn't really believe). I don't know if someone is coming by to feed them or if they are fending for themselves, but she continues to show up at our house almost daily.

I finally broke down and gave her a flea bath (she did not care for that at all, but she had thousands of them crawling on her) and applied flea prep. Brushed out all of the burs beforehand then brushed her again afterwards looking for more fleas. She has never known indoors, living her entire life outside to roam. I found the old bed I made for Cassie (minus the cover I had to throw away) and brought it down, placing it on the floor of the den where Cassie slept. After some coaxing, I convinced Matilda (that is the name they gave her) to come inside and lay down on it. Didn't take long for her to figure out it was pretty comfy - she didn't move for 5 hours ! Well, she moved positions...........

This is where she normally sleeps if she 
hangs out at our house. 


  1. Oh please save her! It was meant to be for her to come find such a good home. She is beautiful too. You can surely change her name to something more suitable... like LUCKY!!!

  2. Oh she's so sweet! She reminds me of Navi! I think you need to keep her :)

  3. You know my philosophy...pets have a way of choosing us... She is absolutely beautiful and so sweet!

    Doesn't it just break your heart to know that animals are living that way! The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me...


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