Thursday, September 6, 2012

Anything But A Card Challenge #1

There is a new challenge blog that debuted this past week - Anything But A Card ! This is one blog /challenge I had been looking forward to since hearing  about it (I don't normally participate in challenges). Funny thing is, when I typed in what I thought was the URL (because I didn't have it saved...), I came across another : Let's Create Anything But A Card ! TWO new anything but a card challenge sites debuting in one week, awesome. Oh so many creative projects to look at on each, wow. 

I have always been "crafty", making all sorts of 3D items. In fact, I ran the school holiday bazaar for several years, personally working on handcrafted projects year round for it. I do miss those days of creating all year long for others.

I have so many things I want to craft still, boxes of supplies and projects to make and shelves of idea books. I don't need more holiday decorations and such so I haven't gotten around to completing them. Maybe these challenge blogs will give me more incentive to get busy working on those projects, whether I think I don't need them or not!

I'm submitting a memory box to this first Anything Goes challenge at ABACC as well as Challenge #1 at Let's Create Anything But A Card. I finally completed it for my cat Ringo that disappeared earlier this year. I didn't want to make one for him just yet, holding onto hope he would return home. Despite signs and ads , searching the property as well as our old barn even looking into animal shelters, there was no sign of him. It has now been 8 months, past time for his box to be made and displayed on the bookcase aside the two others I've made for Cassie and Mulligan. 

I will be writing additional posts with details about each side as well as how I constructed the box. If you like this idea, be sure to see the Memory Box Urn I made for my dog Cassie and the Memory Box I made for my cat Mulligan. You should be able to see them if you click on their names in the label section to the left. 

Lastly, if you have seen my recent posts regarding the Fiskars contest I entered, I am back in the running (if they are indeed able to fix the problems). If you would take the time to vote for my projects I'd really appreciate it. Take a look at the gallery, there are nearly 250 inspiring ideas to choose from, you may find others you'd like to cast votes for since you are allowed 5 votes per day ! Voting has been extended until September 25th due to the many technical issues they've been having (I think they should erase all votes, have everyone start over at zero because some people were beating the system and have thousands of votes in two days time!) 

Click the links below to be taken directly to my projects. THANK YOU !



  1. Im sorry to hear about your cat. Your memory box is beautiful! So glad you were able to find us, look forward to seeing your future projects, Heather!


  2. What a wonderful tradition, and a great way to honor your pets! Thanks for joining us at anything but a card! Hope to see you for the next challenge as well!

  3. Heather, I know this had to be difficult for you and am so glad you shared this with us! Such beautiful pictures of Ringo and I love how you decorated the sides to coordinate with the pictures.
    Thanks also for joining us at Anything But a Card Challenges!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your personal sadness with us and what a wonderful way to remember your beautiful Ringo! Your memory box is gorgeous with the images of the gorgeous boy himself. My cat is very special too so my heart goes out to you.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work with us at ABAC's first challenge.

  5. What a fabulous rememberance project...hopefully the cat will come back still...Thanks for joining us on our debut challenge at Anything But A Card!


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