Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Breyer Model Horses

There are many wonderful shops and restaurants in Downtown Springfield, IL.
One of our favorites to go into is Recycled Records.
Don't let the name fool you, there are so many fun things to look at there.
It never fails, one of us finds something to buy.
Last year my husband bought a small model and postcard
Each year my son finds something he must have
(and many others he'd love to have, then again we all find things
we think we'd like to have but resist the urge to bring it home)
This year it was my turn to find something I just couldn't say no to.

We were walking by the store and I was joking, wondering aloud if
the model horses that I saw last year were still there (I knew they wouldn't be).
My son and I stopped in for our first of many visits.
We seem to stop in once a day to see if anything is new
or make up our mind about something we had seen earlier
and were thinking about buying.
Each time we go in, we see something different.

The second time we walked by they were closed for supper.

The third time that day I walked by,
lo and behold there were model horses in the window !

I immediately, without hesitation, snatched up the dapple gray Arabian =)

The rest of the weekend I wrestled with should I or shouldn't I
buy the little Clydesdale.
I knew my shelves were already full and wasn't sure I could make room for him ,
it was going to be tough making space for the Arabian as it was.
Of course I am now kicking myself for not getting him......................

Here are my Breyers -
(I think I could have made the other model fit.....)

Oh how I dreamed of buying many, many model horses and
devoting a room to them when I was a kid.
I loved looking at the catalogs and even subscribed to
their magazine way back when.
I also dreamed of owning a real horse one day.
The closest I ever came to that was
owning/driving Mustang cars.
My metallic gray Mustang is the
dapple gray horse I always wanted =) 

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  1. Oh....I remember these!! Loved looking at those catalogs when I was younger! Congrats on your find!!!


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