Monday, September 24, 2012

Thanks, Fiskars !

What a wonderful surprise I received the other day !

As we were preparing to leave town early Friday morning a delivery truck stopped by with "something you ordered" my husband said.

"I didn't order anything. Are you sure it isn't another car part since you are ordering them almost weekly it seems ?"


I took a moment to look at the return address and at first thought it was something from a long time email buddy because the first name was the same. Then I noticed the word Fiskars............... interesting, did I win something from the contest I entered ?

My son wanted to open it up for me, which I was fine with  because I was busy finishing up a couple of things so we could hit the road, we were running behind time as it was.

"Hey mom, you got scissors with your name on them - and the blades are gold! They even signed a note! " he announced.

I had to check them out quickly just before running out the door. There was also a pair of zebra print scissors, all packaged with a nice hand signed note in a box filled with orange crinkle paper (I need to reuse that in another project!). 

The note reads:

Our Show Us the Possibilities contest didn't quite work, but our scissors do ! We're a 363-year-old company with some cutting expertise and hope a handy pair of shears brings you a little cheer. Thank you again for your patience and understanding, and most of all, thank you for being a Fiskars Fan !

Happy Crafting!
Blair and Stephenie and the rest of the Fiskars Family

This was a surprise gift to those of us that entered the contest; there were technical difficulties and I believe a lot of disgruntled contestants as a result. They have worked hard to make it right and now we are all looking forward to seeing the winning entries announced very soon. 


Reminder, go vote for your favorite projects in the Imagine The Possibilitites Fuse Contest(you are allowed up to five votes per day)before September 25th at 9AM CST  on the Fiskars facebook page. 

Here are my two entries:

Tree Of Love

Butterfly Thoughts Frame

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  1. What a wonderful apology!! No one will ever be able to claim those as their own!!


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