Friday, November 2, 2012

Skateboarding on the Highway - MDS Pages

The newest stretch of highway opened recently so I took my son and a friend of his to longboard (an extra long, wide skateboard made for cruising) down it.

The day started out super hot and humid, much like a day you'd expect in June. By the time we got to the highway, it was COLD, blustery, rainy , what a difference in just an hours time ! The boys insisted on doing anyway; after all, what other opportunity would they have to do such a thing ? I myself did not walk it, I wasn't going to take a chance on getting caught in a downpour in those 40 degree temps and high winds. I, like the dork I am, didn't even think to bring a jacket ! I had snacks, drinks, camera, extra batteries, first aid kit, towels, umbrella (which would not stay open due to the high winds) - anything we would have needed EXCEPT jackets ! I can not believe I forgot warm clothes, so there I was in a lightweight short sleeve shirt (because it was 86 degrees and humid when I left the house) and my sons friend was in shorts/tshirt, getting whipped by winds and light rain. Brrrrrrrrrrrr !

Luckily after we made the hike to the road (it was a walk and we had to climb down a super steep embankment), I noticed cars had driven around the barricade and parked alongside the highway, closer to the event. I thought if they could, I would too so I walked (climbed!) back and drove the car down there, much closer. I hopped in it off and on to warm up a bit while the boys continued to luge down hill. They didn't make it far down the 2 mile section that was open, too much wind and occasional sprinkles of rain pelting them.

Unfortunately not many of my photos turned out because I was using an older camera and zoomed way in on them. Plus rain drops would hit the lens and make it not focus properly at times. I did get a few and made these two quick scrapbook pages  with My Digital Studio (original version) from Stampin' Up!. I like how quickly a page can come together and that it is a fairly easy program to use, but every once in a while I get aggravated with it: it doesn't save my images to jpeg files the way I designed them. For instance, each of these pages had two different black textured overlays on top of the textured black card stock to make it look more like asphalt. They looked pretty good, too. This isn't the first time I've had this happen and it is disappointing. I hope whatever glitch in the software that causes it is gone with the newer version of My Digital Studio, whenever I break down and get it. Maybe I should have just used the photo I took of the asphalt as the background (it wasn't very good though) rather than try to make my own. Sigh, oh well.

Here is one of them taken as a screenshot while open in MDS, the way I wanted it to look. There are two different black texture layers over the textured black card stock that do not show up when I exported them to jpg to share. Weird, not sure why that happens to some of my projects. In fact, the pages I shared yesterday were missing texture on the leaves....hhhmmmmm....just had a thought, perhaps it is a glitch with my textured stamp overlay set for some reason.....?

I'm submitting these to the Anything But A Card challenge #5, use black in your project.

Thanks for looking =) 


  1. Heather, I love the background design! Perfect to help tell the story!! The text boxes are wonderful too! Not sure why the overlays wouldn't be on the jpegs... I am so happy you joined us again at Anything But a Card!!

  2. Wonderful layout despite all your trials and tribulations! The ideas you've used are really good. Thanks for joining us at Anything But A Card.


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