Friday, November 16, 2012

Snowman Card 2

Let me tell you a story about the images on this card, one that is truly unbelievable, even to me and I am the one it happened to.

I ordered this cute snowman stamp set from Stampin' Up! many years ago and never assembled it.
I finally decided to make the above image a few years back, it was on the front of a small white card I was going to use as a tag for a gift. I never used it because I couldn't find teeny tiny pom poms like I wanted to finish it off.

This year I made it into a card, but still no pom poms. Before taking this photo I totally forgot I was going to add bits of crinkled tissue to make snowballs or maybe punch out little letters to spell something, such as M E R R Y instead. One or the other of those ideas will get done before sending it off.

Sorry, I rambled.... let me get to the unbelievable story: the little bird rubber stamp image was lost right after I made this card. It was my fault, I hadn't mounted it to the wood block yet (none of them had been, I still needed to seal the wood). I left them out after making the card, not even thinking anything would happen to the pieces. I'd get back to cleaning up after I finished making dinner for the kids who had just gotten home from school.

Well, lo and behold when I went back to my craft dungeon, the teeny tiny unmounted rubber stamp bird was gone. I had no idea where it went. I searched all over the table, the floor, under the edges of the storage tubs that are under the table, everywhere in the immediate area in case I had knocked it off without realizing it. I even emptied the trash can, no bird. Sigh........ I asked for it by not picking up right away, as I normally do.

All I could think that may have possibly happened was one of the cats jumped onto my work table and did something to it, batted it onto the floor perhaps. Maybe it would turn up elsewhere in the basement one day.  I would just have to try to draw that little bird if I ever wanted that image again.

Life went on .........

Fast forward to the early spring. I was taking the garbage cans out to the curb when a little bit of red caught my eye on the sidewalk. It was laying near the edge of my flower bed on the sloped part of the walk where all the water runs when it rains. I thought it looked like a rubber scrap, kind of weird to see a piece of it there. I picked it up and could not believe my good fortune, it was the bird image !!!!!!!!!!!! I kid you not  !!!! Now I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a miracle because there are far more miraculous things that happen, but it sure was amazing that after a few months it turned up - outside, no where in the basement craft dungeon or elsewhere in the house. I can only speculate that it was stuck on a cat paw (or even my shoe?) , fell off in the yard and worked its way out of the grass after the spring rains, washing down that slight slope and getting caught at the edge of the flower bed the way dead leaves and such do. I have another theory, but it is gross ;)   Anyway, just unbelievable. I was pretty excited !

Needless to say I IMMEDIATELY mounted it to the bare wood block =)

Thanks for looking!


  1. You need to buy a lottery ticket with that kind of luck! I bet it was on a kitty paw and out the door it went. I can't believe you found it. Awesome cards by the way

  2. Another fantastic card and so glad you found your little birdie! Isn't it just crazy when things like that happen? My Mom had lost her wedding band while working outside one day. After months of hunting (even using a metal detector and a magnet bar)she had given up on finding it. A year later, we were helping her make a new flower bed and she noticed something metal in the ground we had just turned over. You guessed it...her ring!


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