Monday, November 12, 2012

Soooo HAPPY ! - MDS Pages

Two quick pages: I used premade designer pages from My Digital Studio (Stampin' Up!) only adding my own photos and removing a "text box" list. I am going to tweak them a bit (I'll remove the text box and edit the photos) then send them to this pretty young dogs new family. Read her story below.

The second abandoned young female dog I was taking care of went to a good home yesterday ! And she already has a name !

She was a young black lab / Australian shepherd mix . Very shy, scared, submissive - and pregnant.

She was left behind with another young female dog and puppies plus over a dozen cats when a family just left their house, trash and all, earlier this fall. It was a hoarding type of situation. Pitiful. I worked with the first dog, a beautiful, sweet, smart Australian Shepherd mix for a while. She became my buddy coming down to our house daily for food and attention. I found her a good home out in the country with grandkids and another dog to play with, fields to roam, a pond to swim in. It broke my heart to give her away, but I knew it was the right decision not to try to keep her. Here are two scrap book pages I made about her.

This black dog would not leave that empty house trailer, always running off to hide under it if anyone approached. Very skittish.

For whatever reason when we walked down there last week, she decided to keep her distance and followed us back home. Perhaps because she was the last dog, lonely ? Maybe because we were trying to be kind to her and she was curious. Once she made her way to our house, she was still super scared, jumpy, not coming up for attention. By the end of the evening after we had put out food, water, a makeshift bed and kept talking to her kindly, she was starting to accept a head pat .

The next morning there she was, all cuddled up on the porch ! She never left , I suppose knowing that she had food, attention, a warm place to sleep and nice people here.

She was still jumpy, shy, it took a while to get her to trust enough to be able to pet her a bit. By the end of the week, although she still had issues which is to be expected considering the life she's had, she was like a different dog. She would be all crazy happy tail wagging dog when she first saw any of us each day. She'd quickly calm down enough and lean into my legs, lifting up her front leg (not sure why she did that, but she did every single time), wanting me to pet her. I was even able to give her a hug by the end of the week ! I was trying to teach her how to play with a ball (she had no idea what to do with it !). I tried out a collar and leash (HATED it and fought it), putting her in a car (would not happen, she planted her feet and leaned backwards refusing to go in), gave her a much needed bath (didn't mind the rubbing in of the soap so much because it felt good, did not like being rinsed with warm water from jugs and was scared to death of a towel, ran and hid under the porch, poor baby!), applied flea and tick drops to her (I think I ended up with more of it on me, she kept jumping and twisting around wanting to see what was in my hand). come here and sit (both of which I truly think she was starting to get the idea of). All of it was foreign to her, but I know she'd learn.
I initially called rescues and sent emails/photos back in late October asking if any of them could help. No responses from the emails (just one that may be able to help) and "all full" responses to the phone calls. I spoke with a local pet store owner about putting up fliers once I had her fixed. I put an ad and photos on a local web site. I made video clips, took photos, wrote a brief description of the situation and shared it with my 70 facebook friends (most of which are out of area) asking that they please share it with their friends. That a couple of them did and I am so, so grateful !! I was beginning to lose hope that she would find a home. Several people asked about her , even a black companion animal rescue group, but because the story was shared so much, they were all from up north, too far of a drive to meet her. I was starting to panic, knowing I couldn't keep her, the weather was going to change, my indoor cat was not happy about that big dog outside so I didn't think it would work to try to bring her in when I was home, so on. I have been a nervous wreck this past week, again. 

Lo and behold, a lady that had asked for my contact info early on to share with her friend came through: the friend contacted me , we talked on the phone, I told her all I possibly could, it was discussed with her husband and they decided to come meet the dog yesterday morning with their young sons.

She was very shy as I suspected she'd be, but never once showed aggression (as I had hoped since she hadn't shown any towards us). She was starting to warm up to the parents a bit, though wary of the young boys. I think they could see, and after my telling them how she has been here, what she had been through as well as seeing the happy dog video clips I shared, that she would come around. They took her home that day, I couldn't be more pleased, so happy that I had to choke back tears of joy when I hugged her new mommy !!!!

And now, my heart is even happier: I received a note from their friend that saw my posts and connected us - they already gave her a name. Lizzie. They had been looking for a dog, this dog needed a loving, secure home. It was meant to be =)

What a great Thanksgiving for these two beautiful young dogs and their new families this year. Don't you just love Happy Endings - or rather Beginnings ?

I don't know what happened to the puppies. I was trying to find homes for them, too, but one day they were gone. I hope another person that noticed what was going on there took them in. 


  1. You are an angel to take card of these dogs! Great scrapbook pages too!

  2. What a wonderful story. I haven't been able to catch up with your blog lately and then I read this. How grateful for them to have found you. God luv ya!

  3. Breaks my heart to see those sweet dogs in that yard full of trash! I'm so glad you rescued them!

  4. This is such a sad situation, but thanks to your kindness both dogs found a happy ending!
    Love your pages!


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