Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Memories Suite Tutorial - Attach Text To Shape

There is a new tutorial video My Memories shared - how to attach text to a shape ! What a cool new feature in the version 4 softwareof My Memories Suite ! Choose any shape, even your custom made shapes, type text in a text box and attach the two together. What a super easy way to fill a shape, even odd shapes such as the Christmas Tree I created, with text !!!!!

I made this super quick page and a couple of screen shots as a tutorial to show you briefly how it is done, but if you'd like to see their instructional video, click here.

Finished simple page with text filling my custom made
Christmas Tree shape.
The papers used are found in the
Cookies With Grandma designer kit by
lddiva at the 
My Memories Design Shop.  
I created the simple layout with photo boxes
that a dark brown (color picked) mat was added to.
Just a quickie page I threw together to 
show you how easy it is to Attach Text To A Shape
(and create your own custom shapes!). 

 The above and below screenshots show how to make a custom shape (I made a Christmas Tree out of a basic triangle) within the My Memories Suite V4 software. I wrote a couple of posts about how to do it and shared them earlier this month. You can see them here:

Basically you open up the Shapes, choose one then click on the "Edit Shapes" button on the lower left of tet Shapes window that pops open. Another window will pop up (the one shown above) that will give you several options to change your shape. I could NOT figure out how to get the buttons to work, then wah-lah!, I clicked on the shape and noticed that one side turned blue and when I clicked on a button, things started to happen. I can see how this little feature in the program can make some simple - and complex!- new shapes out of the existing basic shapes. Have fun playing around with it !

This screen shot also shows some of the other custom shapes I've made so far.
They are automatically saved in the Users Shapes folder,
but you could easily move them elsewhere or
create a new folder.

 How to text fill  a shape (attach text to a shape)

  1.  Insert a Shape. Paper Fill or Color Fill, add a Drop Shadow and Mat if you’d like.
  2.  Insert a Text Box. Type your text then change the Font and Color if you’d like.
  3.  Highlight both the Text Box and the Shape (while holding the Shift key, left click on each with a Windows PC; little gray squares should show up around each letting you know they are highlighted/active) then right click. A window will pop up with several options.
  4.  Click "Attach To Shape" and the program will arrange the text inside of your shape ! You may need to make a few adjustments to make it look better, possibly resizing text or your shape. It's easy to do.
  5. Right click on the text filled shape to detach from shape if you need to separate them. The same window will pop up, but this time you will click "Detach from Shape".
  6. A fairly simple, "Wow, how did you do that?" digital technique ! 

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Thanks for looking =) 

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