Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Memories Suite Tutorial - Computer Wallpaper February

I was having too much fun trying out the My Memories Suite V4 software, playing around with it to make the  January computer wallpaper (my first ever!) that I decided to go ahead and make one for February.

Once again, you'll notice that the images really fill up the background, much like the snowman computer wallpaper I made for January. I am making these for the laptop computer that does not have a bunch of stuff installed on it so I only keep 5 icons on my desktop at all times. Just enough space on the lower left for the icons to fit !

Everything I used to make this digital design comes in the My Memories Suite V4 software (although a couple of pieces may have been free add ons, I'm not quite sure.........).

Create a custom landscape size album  to fit your computer screen. Mine is 1440 x 900 PIXELS.

I inserted a background paper (LOVE kit included in the software and found under Background Papers - Purchased - Love - Paper 7).

Using the Scalloped Mat Square Shape, I adjusted to my liking then copied and pasted it three times just barely overlapping an edge. By doing this, my three squares became one long rectangular mat with even scallops. You cold stretch the shape to the size you'd like, but the scallops will not remain the same size/shape on the long sides compared to the short sides. I then grouped the three together so they could be easily moved around the page without getting jumbled up.  I color filled using the picker tool to get a tan color off of the gingham ribbon. Add drop shadows.

It took a little bit of fiddling to get the squares for the photos and calendar background to be the right size, but is not difficult. I created the Calendar first, using the Calendar feature within the software. I changed the font to White color then layered it over a black filled square Shape. Center it on the tan scalloped edge mat.

Create two photo boxes to fit on either side of the calendar. Insert photos and mat. Change the photo color (cool feature built into the software!) to Black and White (or Sepia or.......).

Add a dotted line square shape (I did a global search under the Embellishments tab for "stitch" to find it) , color changed to red, adjust to fit over the top of the photos and calendar.

Layer on a crocheted red flower embellishment, add a drop shadow. The flower is from the LOVE kit included in the software and found under Embellishments  -  Add - Purchased - Love.

Create the bow by layering two tan gingham bows on top of each other, one of them is flipped horizontally,  with a third long curly tailed bow on top. Add drop shadows to each.  I'm not sure which kit the ribbon is from , but I am almost positive it is one of the designer kits that comes with the software (because I don't have many add ons to it yet).  I found it by clicking Embellishments - Add  and then typed in "gingham ribbon" in the search box at the bottom of the window. Several popped up, I chose this tan one with the designer name "jsscrap" next to it.

Insert a metal tag embellishment (found by doing a search for "Love" under embellishments) just under the top bow. Add a drop shadow.

It really isn't  too difficult to make these, the hardest part is trying to decide which digital goodies to use ! Sooo many choices !

This is one complete page as it is given to you in the software package. It is from the LOVE designer kit which is a 7 page 8x8 album that you can totally customize. The pieces used in the album kit can also be used in other projects such as I did above. I really like having the option to change the predesigned pages to my liking - and that I can use items from those kits in other projects, mixing and matching all that I wish !

If you don't already own My Memories Suite V4 scrapping (and so much more!) software, you can buy it at Remember to use my affiliate code STMMMS23251 to get $10 off of your purchase and a coupon code for $10 worth of digital content from the store ! You'll also receive a coupon code for a free 6x6 photobook (you only pay shipping and handling) ! The store has thousands and thousands of different styles and types of digital download content with more being added all the time plus there are always sales.

Thanks for looking =) 

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  1. Another great wallpaper! I love the crochet flower!


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