Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Memories Suite Tutorial - Computer Wallpaper

This is a computer wallpaper calendar I created with the My Memories Suite V4 software and an add on kit I bought from the My Memories online store. All items used (except for the branch and calendar image) were included in the 4 Seasons Winter kit by Scraps N Pieces.

I *think* if you click on the image above and save it as a jpeg, it should work on your computer too if your resolution is set to 1440 x 900, the size this was created for.

If you'd like to know how I made it and learn a couple of tips, read on.

Start off with a CUSTOM canvas size, choose PIXELS and type in the size that your computer screen is (this particular one is set to 1440 x 900). I found mine by right clicking on the background then choosing Personalize then Display Settings to see what this computer monitor was set at. I am using Windows Vista so it it could be different on your computer system.

The background was made by inserting a rectangle "Shape" then adjusting to fit the background canvas size. I wanted to do it this way rather than just Paper Fill the Background in case I needed to adjust to image (which I did since it was the rows of snowman paper and I wanted a small uncluttered area for my program shortcuts to sit on for the computer wallpaper).

Choose "Paper" to fill the shape with a background paper. I used the "snowman" paper from the 4 Seasons Winter kit. Once it is inserted, double click (left mouse button) on it to bring up the "Shapes Image Editor" box. In this box you have some options to change how your paper looks in the shape: reducing or enlarging the image, rotating the image or even replacing the image (you can even add your own photos to the shape to make a background!). I moved the paper slightly to position the snowman where I wanted.

I then created my calendar using the basic "Calendars" creator function in the MMS V4 software to make my calendar grid. It too is found on the right side of the main design screen. It is pretty easy to create this basic style of calendar. I changed the fonts and the colors (I used the color picker and chose a dark brown from the snowmen arms) with the Edit button under the Calendars section.

The background to the calendar was made in a couple of steps. I wanted to use a paper in the 4 Seasons Winter kit, but there weren't any light enough for my liking. This is what I did to make it work: insert a shape (square, stretched to fit the frame embellishment) and "Color Change" fill with French Vanilla. Copy and paste in place the same shape, this time change the color by making sure that it is highlighted with the little gray boxes around it so you can edit it, then choosing "Paper". I used the "green light" paper from the 4 Seasons Winter kit then reduced the opacity. Since I wanted the light green to be slightly lighter than the paper in the kit and the snowman background would have shown through with the reduced opacity, I layered the Vanilla square behind it to hide the snowmen !

All of the fabulous elements were in the 4 Seasons Winter kit, but I did need to reduce the size and rotate them all to my liking. The only thing that was not from the kit is the branch. Be sure to add drop shadows to your embellishments to give them more dimension.

I found the branch element by typing in "branch" in the search box that pops up when you click on the Embellishments > Add box on the right side panel of the program. The search box is underneath the preview box. It will search all of the items you have installed in your MMS V4 software then show you a preview of the images. This particular branch is from another kit, I don't know the name of it, but it does have the designers name next to the image, Valcrea.

This is the first time I've made my own custom computer wallpaper background - and a calendar at that ! It was lots fun and fairly simple to do with the My Memories Suite V4 software. 

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Thanks for looking =) 

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  1. Love the vintage snowmen on this! Very 'cool' wallpaper!


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