Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Memories Suite Tutorial - Custom Shapes

If you saw yesterdays hybrid digital 3D item project, Valentine You Grow On Me, then you know I created my very own Shapes designs for use with the My Memories Suite Software V4. Today I am going to attempt to explain how I did that.

I'm sure I could have surfed around on the Internet to try to find free SVG flower shapes to download and use in the program. I didn't even bother to, I was determined to see if I could make my own with this software. There are two ways that I came up with to make your own custom Shape / SVG files in the program. Well, one of them is a built in option to the software that you may not know about, I sure didn't at first. The other is something I came up with while playing around with the software (but I can't claim it as my own discovery because there are surely other people that have done the same thing perhaps even figured out a better way !).

Today I will show you how I made the flower for yesterdays project. It is the first thing I made to use as an SVG file (Shape). I went on to make a couple of other flower shapes and while making them discovered another way to make custom SVG files. I'll share that discovery tomorrow along with the two SVG files I made with that process.

Start by opening a project. I just happened to use a 6x6 square album, Design Your Own ( blank pages ).

Access the Shapes and choose which ones you'd like to use to build a new shape. Think of it as paper punch art in a way, but your finished project will be one solid image that you will turn into a single shape that you can then color fill or paper fill or even fill with photos in the My Memories Suite program !

My flower was created with 5 oval Shapes. I rotated them to my liking, making sure all parts were touching, no white showing in the middle.

This is a second flower I made, but I wanted to show you this one to share a couple of tipse:|
Add a circle Shape, reduced opacity first to build your lower on
if you'd like a guide to help keep the petals in a circle.
You may need to group all of the flower parts together then send them 
to the back to get access to the circle to remove it before 
exporting it to SVG. 
I created this flower by elongating and thinning ovals.
I made a set of two horizontal petals, grouped those two, copied and pasted it several times to make the flower above as well as another, more
full daisy like flower. 

I saved/exported the flower as an SVG. Now this is where it gets a little more tricky. Find where the SVG file was saved (note that when you hit save). Open up that folder so you see the SVG file, there will be , at least in my case, a little blue "e" next to it. keep that window open but send it to your task bar.

Go to your Computer- Program Files- My Memories Suite- Components- Shapes- Misc.  There will just be a couple of shapes in there, mine has a light bulb and an arrow. Now drag the new shape you made and located elsewhere (I saved mine to my desktop) into this folder. Delete the empty folder, you don't need it anymore.

Open up My Memories Suite V4.
Open a project (I have one called Testing for all of my experimentation).
Click on Shapes.
Click on Misc and your new shape should be there.
Click on your new shape and insert it into the project.

Now, if you notice that the gray boundary boxes around your image are not around your image (mine were not, everything was off center), continue reading.

I could not figure out why although they were SVGs and opening up in the program, the gray boundary boxes were never lined up with the shape. Never. I tried it several times, each time it was out of line. That is when I noticed a little button at the bottom of the add shape frame to change the shape, so I clicked on it to see what it would do. I still don't really know how it works, I played with it enough to make two simple files (I'll share that tomorrow) and quit. I did discover this, read if your shape and boxes do not line up:

This screen shot shows the three flowers I've made so far

If you click on your image then click OK, a window pops up for you to name your file. Click OK again and the program automatically creates a USERS folder under SHAPEs then inserts your new shape there. 

Open up that new shape from the Users folder and the gray boundary boxes are where they should be with your new Shape centered in the middle, making it easy to move and resize  ! Now go back in and delete the same shape from the Misc folder where you moved it to originally. TIP: the name you give the new shape you create under the Edit Shape button can be the same name as the file you are working on, it will still save to the Users foder although there is a file already saved to the Misc folder with the same name. 

It would be super easy to make a Mickey Mouse head SVG file this way, too ! I may do that despite not having any Disney items to digitally scrap....

Yes, there are many steps to making your own SVG files this way, but it does work ! It is a nice option if you can not find exactly what you want in the program or don't want to spend time looking for the exact SVG shape somewhere online.

Tomorrow I will share another way to make your own custom SVG Shapes with the My Memories Suite V4 software. It has far fewer steps.

I want to remind you that although having these options to make your own custom shapes with what is in the program is an awesome feature, you can find SVG files elsewhere and import them into your My Memories Suite V4 software. This is how you import new SVG files for use with your Shapes feature in My Memories Suite V4:
(I'm using a Windows Vista computer, by the way......)
Go to
   C Drive (or where your program files are installed)
      Progam Files
         My Memories Suite V4
                     -choose the shape folder you want to import them into or make a new folder-

Once you have the proper folder open , all you need to do is drag the SVG file into it, sooooo easy ! Next time you open up the My Memories Suite program, the new Shapes will show up for you ! 

Thanks for looking =) 

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