Friday, January 4, 2013

NIE Pet Calendar Contest

My pets did not win (popularity vote), but each of their photos made it to the back cover. Ringo kittys photo is inside on one day because he did end up with over 100 votes. None of the others got over 25 so they were not included on a day despite only having 53 entries and more than enough days in a year to feature one of the pets, they would only do it for those that received a minimum of 100 votes.
This was the first time I've entered the contest, knowing full well it was a popularity vote, to honor three of the four pets that have passed on. The money raised went to a good cause, but I won't enter this contest again. Time to support another local organization.

If you click on each of my pest names on the sidebar, you'll see several projects I've made featuring them as well as photos of them.

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