Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine, You Grow On Me!

This is a project I made using My Memories Suite V4 software,
however it would be much faster to make if you have
a die cut machine.
I designed this project to show some of the
versatility of the software.
I will post tips over the next couple of days
 that I figurds out while playing around with the software.
 I'll try to explain how to make your own
custom shapes and save them as SVG files,
all steps are done with the
My Memories Suite V4 software !

This is the printable page I created with My Memories Suite V4 software.
The flower shapes are my own creation. I was surprised that there were no flower Shapes in the program, not a single one that I could find ! I was in need of one for this idea I wanted to make and share, but there was none to be found (I want to clarify: I wanted a SHAPE image, like a paper punch, that could be filled with decorative paper. not an image of a flower, there are lots of flower images in the program under Embellishments).

Granted, I probably  could have surfed around the internet to find flower shape SVG files (I haven't even tried to yet) and it may or may not have saved more of my time. However, I was determined to see if there was a way to make my own custom SVG shapes within the software. There is !

I tried to take a couple of screen shots along the way, too so it may help you to see what I was clicking on.

This first post will deal with the project itself, a sucker wrap to resemble a flower with the greeting, "Valentine, you grow on me !"

I printed out the flower and sentiment on my home printer then cut them out with scissors. Yes, if you wanted to make this project without a die cut machine, it would take a bit of time. I'm sure there are many crafters that do not have die cut machines so I wanted to show you that you could still make a cute 3D paper project without owning one.

Oh, and before I forget, the SVG files in the My Memories Suite V4 software can be used with electronic die cut machines, but I have no idea how that works since I don't own a compatible one. I assume you would import the SVG file (either one that is in the software or one you create yourself) to the cutter with another program then you can cut out the shapes with the machine. That certainly would be a very quick and easy way to make a project such as this !

Back to my project.  I started with an 8.5"x 11"portrait album, Design Your Own option.

Since there was no flower SHAPE image, I made my own by combining several oval Shapes and arranging them into a flower shape. I saved/exported (Share Album, Export SVG) the project as an SVG then imported it back into the program folder. There are numerous steps to do this that I will share in tomorrows post.

Fill the flower with decorative paper (I used one from the LOVE designer kit that is included in the software).

Copy and past the flower several times if you wish to make a bouquet of sucker flowers or give out individual flowers to several people.

Make a text box and type in your sentiment. Depending on the size of your flowers, you may need to make a separate page for this.

You could make another page with leaves on it; I did not do this.

Once you have all of your flowers and sentiments (and leaves) made, export to jpg and print. Cut out with scissors.

Punch a hole in the center of the flower for the sucker stick to slide into.

Attach your sentiment strip with glue.

I cut two small circles from tissue paper to slide over the sucker stick before the decorative paper to add a little more decoration.

That's all there is to it ! Sure, cutting flowers from premade decorative papers with a die cut machine is the ideal way to make these, saving time and printer ink, but if you don't have one of those die cut machines (or even a die that would work for this project) you could make your own. 

Another option, that would still involve hand cutting but save printer ink, is to design your page of flowers as I did above. Instead of filling with digital decorative paper, color fill each flower White then add a drop shadow centered (0, 0) around each flower. This will give you an outline of the flower shape, only using a little bit of black ink. You would then insert decorative paper cut to fit your printer / project size so the outlines of the flowers would print on the BACK of the decorative paper.  Follow these lines to cut out with scissors. Same project only using far less ink and paper you may have had on hand  !

Thanks for looking =)

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