Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Wallpaper - Free PNG file

I decided to try to experiment with creating a png file with Photoshop Elements 10 to use with My Memories Suite V4 software. I'm quite pleased with the outcome and am offering it to you free. I assume all you will need to do is right click and "save as..." on your computer then open it in a photo editing program that works with png file types. You'll need to have a photo editing program and a little bit of "know how" to add your photos in it and save it as a jpeg file for use on your computer.

 I created the original file with My Memories Suite V4 software and components that came with it. You can read more about my wallpaper here and click on the My Memories Suite tab on the sidebar for more tutorials/samples I have shared.

Note, it is sized for my computer monitor (it is a 24") 1900x600 pixels. I only have a half dozen icons on my desktop that are kept down on the lower left portion of the wallpaper which is why the overall design is so large. If you have dozens and dozens of icons on your desktop, this wallpaper won't look nice since it will be dotted with little images. 

If you are using My Memories Suite software , here are the steps to using the above wallpaper image and adding your own photos:

Click and save the above png image somewhere on your computer, remember where it is saved ! It is not necessary to install into the MMS software, you will browse for the file when you are ready to use it.

Open My Memories Suite V4 software.

Create a custom album size. There is an option to designate the size by PIXELS, which is what I did. I created a landscape album 1600x900 to work with my computer monitor size. 
Click Embellishments (NOT Photos)

Click Add

Click the Browse Other button on the lower left of the window that pops up.


Find where the file was saved and click the .png file then Apply and Close.
You may need to resize the image, for some reason when I tested it on my computer, although it was properly sized in Photoshop Elements and the orginal My Memories Suite jpg file was the correct size, the png was not correct. It is easy to resize, simply grab and drag the little gray squares around the image by left clicking on your mouse button, holding it down as you move the mouse around.

Once you have it sized correctly, choose your photos by clicking on PHOTOS then ADD. Browse your computer to the photos you want. Click the photo then OK.


You will need to resize the photo by moving the gray boxes around the image as you did in the above step. Make sure the image covers the edge of the mats on the wallpaper .Yyou won't be able to see them since the photo is on top so just give it your best guess (note the image below and my photo placement before sending it to the back).

Once you are satisfied with the size and placement of the photos, right click on them. A window will pop up, click on Send Backward. This will put the photo behind the wallpaper.  If you aren't quite happy with the placement, you can take the same steps to bring it back to the front to resize or move the photo then send it backward once more. 

It really is easy to use custom computer wallpapers , facebook covers or quick page scrapbook pages you find online in My Memories Suite V4 software. Make sure they are PNG files and that you import them as EMBELLISHMENTS into your project, not photos, that is the key. 

You may be asking HOW I made it into a png file ? Once again, you will need a little bit of photo editing know how (I don't have much at all, honestly !). I created my wallpaper in My Memories Suite V4, exported/shared as a jpg file and savedthe image to my computer as a jpeg file. 

I opened that jpg file up in Photoshop Elements 10 on a transparent background. I then clipped out the centers of the squares (photo boxes). THAT was tricky for me as I am just trying to learn how to do these types of things and of course the first one I ever made had some jagged edges I had to cut around (the embekkishments on the right box), not a simple square.  Once the photo boxes were cut out so the transparent background was showin through, I saved it as a PNG file to my computer. Now if you want to, you certainly could use the photo editing program of your choice taht you used to edit this image to make the png file rather than opening My Memories Suite back up to insert the photos then save as a jpg for use on your computer as a wallpaper.

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Thanks for looking =) 

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