Monday, February 18, 2013

My Memories Suite Tutorial - Faux Washi Tape

This is an ugly, super quick sample I threw together
to show the home made digital Washi tape I made.
I'm happy it worked and the technique offers countless possibilities ! 
Now to make time to play with this idea more -
and create better pages =) 

Playing along with the Operation Write Home Virtual Card Making Party over the weekend got the gears spinning in my head, thinking about if it would be possible to create faux Washi tape digitally in My Memories Suite V4 software. One of the challenges was Washi Tape, I do not have any, so I thought maybe it would be a fun experiment to try to make a digital version. I'm happy to say, it worked ! There are several steps to doing this with the My Memories Suite software, but once you've done it, it is not difficult at all - and the best part is, you could use the same idea for other shapes ! 

The first thing you are going to want to do is create a folder on your computer somewhere and label it OVERLAYS. You'll then want to search for overlays online, they must be .png files to work. I did a quick search and this site was one of the first to pop up so I went there I was never able to get it to fully load on my computer, too many images on a slow internet connection, but it worked well enough for me to see a Chevron pattern. It's easy to download, just right click and SAVE TARGET AS then find your OVERLAYS folder. TIP: You will want to rename the file, they are all named with numbers.

I tried to install the Overlays folder directly into the MMSV4 software, as I have done other things, but it would not work. Instead, remember where the Overlays folder is then when you want to use them, you will need to locate that folder on your computer and insert an overlay into your shape as a PHOTO in that Shapes section of the program.

After creating the Overlays folder and downloading overlays, you will want to create a custom shape - easy to do in the software !

Click on SHAPES. Click on ADD. Select the shape you want to start with, I used a rectangle, but don't hit Apply, instead click the small EDIT box on the lower left of that shapes screen. Another window will pop up for you to create a custom shape, and believe me, you can create all kinds of custom shapes, wow ! Once you have a custom shape made , you give it a name and the program automatically saves it to the USERS folder in SHAPES. I have a few other posts under the My Memories Suite label on my sidebar that cover creating custom shapes.

After you have made your custom shape, in this case a piece of torn tape, you will open it up on your project by clicking SHAPES, ADD, USERS, then find your shape, APPLY. 

Change the color of the shape.

Right click (or go to the top of the screen tools), COPY, PASTE IN PLACE.

Activate that top layer and click on PHOTO in the SHAPES window. Locate the Overlays folder, click on the overlay you want to use and insert. It should lay on top of the bottom colored layer and create a design using white and letting your base color show through. At least my sample I tried and am sharing here did for me ! You can make it any color you want. I did try to make a two color tape, it did not work using this program. Only white and one other color worked.

After you have the custom tape shape made, inserted, copied and filled with the overlay, you need to group the two layers together so you can move it around your project. Click on EDIT at the top of the screen , then SELECT ALL then GROUP. Do this on each piece of tape you make. Grouping will keep the base color layer and the top overlay layer together so they can be moved or resized as one.

TIP: You will probably want to click the little box to Rotate Image With Shape so your overlay stays in the same position in relation to the shape you are using as you rotate it in your project. To do this, left click on the top overlay layer twice and a small Shapes Image Editor box pops up. The small rotate image box is in here as well as options to increase or decrease the overlay image size within the shape. However you can not see the overlay image in this screen, I assume because it is transparent. You can adjust it but you may need to go back and forth between the two screens a couple of times to make sure it fits the new size. It is not necessary to click the Rotate Image With Shape, you may like it to look different depending on how you rotate it.

I almost forgot, for some reason you can not add a drop shadow to the tape. 
I could not get it to work for me, it kept changing the image to black and white rather than add a drop shadow. 
Perhaps because it is a transparent png file found elsewhere and used in the My Memories Suite software, it isn't compatible for that feature. MAT doesn't work, either. 

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Thanks for looking =)

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  1. That is pretty cool! I never think to check the free sites because it always takes so long to download things for me too!


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