Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine For A Friend 6

The heart embellishment used on this card was repurposed from this project
there are instructions on how to create the heart embellishment posted there

large heart punch
1/4" circle punch
tiny heart punch
scissors to hand cut pennant
red card stock (or red glitter card stock if you have it)
red glitter glue or glitter to cover red card stock 
shimmery white paper for the small circles to create the faux scalloped edge
red ink
rubber stamp
clear drying white glue
white card stock base
stylus and scoring board

To create the dry embossed lines around the outer edge of my card,
I created a template to mark the backside of the card front.
By lightly placing pencil marks using the template,
I know where to start and stop my lines.
It isn't perfect, but it is better than trying to guess where
I should stop and start.
I made a couple of different templates from lightweight 
card board for different depths of embossing lines.
The above card used my 1/2" template then I "eyeballed"
another set of lines just inside of them. 

Template lined up with the back of my card front,
so I can place pencil marks in the four corners.

To create the templates:
Cut a piece of lightweight chipboard 
to the exact size of your card front. 
Measure around all four sides the depth you want
the embossed lines to be from the edge
and make pencil marks along each side.
You want there to be four lines, one on each side,
the same distance from each edge 
(for example, 1/2" in from the edge).
Where the lines intersect in the corners you will
use a tiny paper punch or piercer to make 
a single small hole.
You use this small hole to place the pencil lead
through to leave marks on the back side of your card
that you want to add the embossed lines to. 

The pencil mark tells you where to place 
your stylus to start and stop embossing your lines.
Be sure to line up the template with the card exactly
before making your marks . 

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. Love the clean design of this and the scored lines are terrific!


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