Monday, March 4, 2013

Reorganizing The Craft Dungeon

again to make room for the new Stampin' Up! goodies that arrived ! I've been working on it off and on the past week, trying to decide what should go where, do I want to totally redo storage components, etc. Measurements and sketches were constantly changing, in the end I didn't change much (for now!).

I did a bad, bad thing: I spent too much money on my first order as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.
I took advantage of my first order being 30% off and earning FREE SaleABration items, too. I had such a large wish list and decided I had better get the bulk of it now to get the most for my money. That I did ! I don't feel too badly though: I'd been saving money and reworking my wish list for the past couple of months knowing I wanted to do this. Plus, looking at the savings and free items as well as half price items I earned, it was a good decision to add fun, current items to the craft dungeon during SaleABration. Now I better put them to use.....

Redone ink pad storage
want to see more about the two projects displayed on top ?
Tree Of Love photo display

In preparation for the arrival of the new supplies from Stampin' Up!, I had to redo my card stock storage and ink pad storage. I ordered the new In Colors (not so new anymore, though) and needed to make room for them. My card stock and ink pads are arranged in a sort of rainbow fashion  Years ago I had them stored by color family, but when Stampin' Up! went through the Color Renovation then started carrying In Colors, I needed a new system. I wasted hours trying to decide which colors should go together and in what order. Although not perfect, it does work for me. The card stock is in filing cabinets and the ink pads are in a DVD storage tower that was standing upright on top of my work table but is now on its side on my desk. They are stored by color: reds, blues, etc. With changing the way the DVD tower stands, nearly every ink pad I own fit inside of it ! I have not made labels for the sides of the ink pad sections as I had in the past but will at some point. I did redo the labels on the fronts of my card stock file drawers, inserting the new colors.

I also couldn't resist ordering the two new butterfly punches and matching stamp set (Papillion Potpourri), however there was no more room in my drawer for punches so I reorganized those, too.

The same went for my Big Shot dies, out of space in the single drawer I was using, so I had to come up with a new plan since I ordered several Framelits sets.

Then there are the embossing folders, there was just enough space left to cram a few of those in the drawer I store them in. I will need to change that storage solution at some point (perhaps removing the brass templates that are in the back of the drawer) because I know there are going to be more embossing folders I must have.

And clear mount stamp sets, I broke down and ordered several of those (I PREFER WOOD MOUNT !). I had my free SaleABration sets as wood mounts, but then changed them to cling mount despite my better judgement, to save space. I don't know quite yet how I am going to store those, I suppose they will be separate from my wood mounts and grouped by theme in a box on top or my work table.

The order arrived right on time , too (actually a bit late, but it will be alright): I needed to make a masculine birthday card (Need For Speed stamp set), a sympathy card for a pet (So Sorry stamp set) and a get well card (Perfectly Penned and Poppies stamp sets). I could have easily made cards with one of the sets I already own and mailed them out sooner, but I wanted to put the new ones to use right away. Funny thing is, at the time I placed the order I did't need a pet sympathy or get well card but I had ordered new sets that would fit those needs. Look for the cards in the next couple of days, I can guarantee they won't be "Wow!" cards, I need to hurry up and get them mailed out, but I'll share nonetheless . After all, I haven't posted much lately since I haven't been making anything.. Plus internet connection issues continue and it is aggravating ! I can't figure out what the exact problem is, but it makes going online nearly impossible most days. Since I haven't been able to post as much, it made more time to reorganize the craft dungeon and work on digitizing old photos.

Thanks for looking =)


  1. You sound like me - I think I re-arrange more than I create!

  2. Love your stamp pad storage! I am so glad you put your extra discount to good use!


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