Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Showers, Make That Storms

We, like so many areas of the country, saw severe weather roll through the area this past week. It was one of the worst storms I have ever been in, quite scary for a few minutes as the worst of the winds roared , making rain hit sideways on the house with such force it leaked around windows. Walking about the next day I discovered a few missing shingles, many large limbs down, logs left in the field from the flooding creek and my flag pole of all things blown over ! We were quite fortunate as there was significant damage all around (the way our old home was built between two hills helps a little bit I believe).  The worst damage and the closest to the house, not even a mile away: a large 16 slip boat dock flipped up and over onto cars parked nearby, pieces blown across the creek. No one was injured.

The photo above is the last one I have of my flagpole standing. I took it shortly after the first storm that came through. So much rain fell so quickly that the creek rose 4+ feet in a very short amount of time. It happened again when the second storm came through late that evening, this time the creek went into the field since it was already a bit high from the previous storm. The second storm also broke my flag pole :(

 There were six vehicles under the debris according to news reports

 Luckily not many shingles were blown off

Wind blown debris under shingles that were lifted from the intense winds

 One of many large limbs blown down. Notice the tree snapped off in the distance
Entire trees came down elsewhere.
it surely would have come down in this storm !

Rain swollen creek - this was taken after it had already started to fall.

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  1. Oh, my! So sad and scary! Glad you managed to weather the storm with minimal damage!


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