Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dollar Bill Rose Bouquet

I'm sad that I did not get a decent photo of this project before giving it away :(
This was taken as I was working on finding suitable filler for it the night before.
 It wasn't totally arranged and pretty.
I intended on getting fresh greenery the next morning before the bridal shower, but I ran out of time !

I was pleased with the way it turned out though and many of the other guests at the shower thought it was pretty neat, hadn't seen anything like it before. I know I  have not !

It wasn't too difficult to make. The overall project was time consuming though, I put hours into it.

I used four one dollar bills to make my roses. 
The first one I made used five, but it was just too big and heavy,
would not stay upright on the improvised stems so I used four instead.

TIP: use a plastic calyx from a silk floral bunch to help
hold the dollar bill rose upright. 
Mine do not have any, 
although I was reusing a stem bunch
(there were seven stems with leaves)
from my old floral supplies stash,
there were no calyx on them.

I used super thin crafting wire to wrap the bills with,
the type of wire that was marketed to paper crafters years ago.

 APRIL 9th, 2013  EDITED TO ADD :

There are most certainly dozens of tutorials for dollar bill roses
 (and other flowers) posted online.
This is the video I used, though mine are not nearly as pretty
(and the center is done a bit differently):

Here are the steps, but I know they aren't very clear
without photographs for reference. I'll try to take some and post them later.

Fold each bill in half across the short width (face of the person on the bill)
then curl the ends backwards to create the petals. 
You will need to make at least three of these. 

Keep one bill folded in half with the ends pointing upwards for the center of the flower,
but do not curl the petals outward. You can curl this inward if you'd like.
I folded mine over after it was assembled, I thought it looked funny because the 
center petals were so tall. Much improved when folded over.

Tightly pinch (pleat) the dollar bill along that center fold,
making it narrow to wrap the wire around.

Starting with the center petals, wrap the wire around it,
twist to hold in place.

Lay a set of petals underneath, wire into place and wrap around the 
underside again to hold in place.

Alternate the way each set of petals lay,
so lay the next set perpendicular to the first set,
making a + with the petals. Wire into place.
Do this several times, for as many petals as you'd like to add.

Leave tails of wire so you have something to tape to the stem.
Use heavy duty floral wire or stems from dollar store type
fake flowers. Pop off the flowers and use the stems, but don't 
throw away the flowers because you may be able to find
a use for them some day. 

Add a calyx if you wish, making one from paper or using
a plastic one (as I should have done) from old silk flowers.

I added ivy leaves that were in my crafts stash,
I would have rather used fern like greenery and small white flowers
 to fill in the bouquet,
but I didn't have time to get the fresh flowers
(too much time spent at yard sales the day of the shower!)
not to mention the vase could not hold water.
More about the vase in the next blog post!

It really is a fun, unique gift - especially for someone that has everything.
I thought it would be a unique way to present money
to the couple that already has everything for their wedding day! 

Tomorrow's post will be about the vase I made 
then the next day will be the photo album.

Thanks for looking =) 


  1. This is Very Cool; Very Nice! Glad the event was fun! (Bummer you hadn't taken more "shots" of your flowers though, I know that feeling too; ha!). TFS!!

  2. LOVE your flowers! Such a wonderful and unique idea!!


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