Monday, April 8, 2013

Faux Mercury Glass Vase

This is a close up (still not a very good photo and I am sad I didn't 
have a chance to take a better one before I gave it away)
of my faux mercury glass vase.

It started as a clear glass vase.
The glass is very thick, but plain clear glass, boring.

I knew I wanted to reuse the vase for the dollar bill rose bouquet
I was making and was planning on dressing it up a bit
when I remembered reading about 
Looking Glass paint by Krylon.

It was difficult to find any locally, I ended up driving a half hour away
to get a can. The cost of gasoline and the $8.47 small can of paint
makes for an expensive vase ! 

Anyway, it is easy to use.
Make sure your glass is really clean
then spray several light coats of the paint 
on the INSIDE of you project.
It must be on the inside 
(and NOT used for food or holding liquids, fresh flowers)
to create the mirror look.
This is not chrome paint.
Chrome paint sprayed on the outside
may make a similar metallic silver look,
but it won't be the mirrored look
and you won't be able to 
remove the paint as easily to make
the faux mercury glass.

It's easy to do and there are a couple
of ways to do this
(search online for several 
step by step tutorials;
I read about it in a magazine article 
some time ago).

Simply spritz, a fine spritz,
vinegar or water/vinegar mixture
on the inside of the project,
letting it sit for a minute or so.
You will then gently dab away the water spots
or very gently rub at them to remove the paint.
I used a damp paper towel.
Depending on how much pressure you use,
it will remove more paint. 
It will also create different looks if you rub
 in small circles or back and forth.
I did this several times during each application of paint
but don't really notice the work I put into it.
The most obvious distressing of the paint is the final
spray where paint was removed then I did not spray again.
 I did spray a couple coats of clear spray paint over it,
this mirror paint seems pretty fragile, easily marred to me. 

This was my first attempt at it and I certainly will try it again.

I did put a note in the card letting the recipients know that 
they could probably remove the paint with some solvent
and elbow grease if they wanted to !
I also told them not to put water in it because although I sealed it,
I don't know that it would last for any length of time.
They could insert a small container inside if they wanted
to use it for fresh florals -
or get a silk /dried floral arrangement made.

This is the medallion I made to attach to the front.
I adhered it with a velcro dot so they could
remove it if need be for cleaning.

The stamp is made by JustRite Stampers,
it is a very tiny alphabet set and
decorative circular border. 
I stamped in Versamark ink then heat embossed
with silver embossing powder.
it is on shimmery white lightweight paper. 

I also stamped and heat embossed the V
in the center of the metal heart.

Rhinestones, narrow organdy ribbon,
a paper medallion of shimmery paper
with a die cut doily from Almost Amethyst
card stock from Stampin' Up! complete it.

Below are the different layers.

Thanks for looking =)

Come back tomorrow to see the altered photo album that matches.

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  1. You made this?! Seriously, is there no end to your talents???? Fantastic vase and such a great way to give new life to an older item!


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