Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flooding April 2013 - A Record Setter

View from the upstairs window.
The front and back fields as well as 
both sides of the road are under several feet of water.

Original predictions would have put the water
in the basement. Needless to say I was panicking
the first couple of days, trying to decide if I should 
move my crafty things out of the basement.
In the end I decided to wait, 
keeping an eye on the river levels. 
A few levees were breached so that
helped us downriver somewhat 
(at the same time many people where they broke lost
their homes, belongings and farm land was inundated).

Back field

Road just barely above several feet of water.
The bus route was changed since one of the roads it
normally travels was under water.

Water creeping over the edges of the road

Moonrise above the lake

Deer looking for a way back across the flooded creek

Towboat along the river.
This is a weird feeling, 
driving by these huge tows towering above the road.

Home made depth gauge for the field.
There's enough water to boat in!
The final crest was a top ten historical crest
record setter for our area,  9 - 12 feet above flood stage.
We live between two monitoring stations,
one was 9 feet over, the other was almost 12 feet over.

rain, rain go away

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  1. My goodness that's a lot of water where it shouldn't be! I hope the rain dries up so you don't get any deeper - or you're going to need flippers just to go t the bathroom!


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