Saturday, April 6, 2013

Score !

One of the best yard sale scores ever ! It was a "Community Wide Yard Sale" sponsored by a local newspaper and held indoors at a school. There were nearly 60 booths with all sorts of goodies to peruse. There was an admission fee since this was a fundraiser, but in the end paying $1 to enter and walking out with these few finds was worth it. Mom and I thought we wouldn't buy anything, we certainly don't need more stuff  and we have things to get rid of ourselves, but.................. overall we did well, we did say no to lots and lots of great deals and only bought things we could really use !

 At the same time of relishing in the few finds I brought home, I am kicking myself for not getting a few more items. I know I will wish I had that glittery stack of decorative paper for personal use and that bicycle stamp, I am already kicking myself over not getting it. sigh. They offered to sell it separately from the set, but I did not want to break it up. It was a cute bold image of a little kids bike. I didn't want the rest of the small summery images in it and really, in the big scheme of things, paying the $6 asking price for the entire set would not have been too much for the one image I wanted - I just didn't want the rest of the stamps/case taking up space. Plus I did not have six more dollars, only four ! But that bike stamp would have been perfect for a kids card for Operation Write Home (and yet I bought a jack o' lantern pumpkin stamp set for fall, like I needed that since I already had one that is very similar, geesh !). Ah well........... sigh again, kick, kick, kick.

Granted several of the sets are incomplete or mixed up. I have yet to go through each of them and compare them to images in old catalogs to know what is missing for sure. I bought a background stamp for the full asking price right away,  but decided to think about several other sets as we wandered the rest of the huge, packed sale. I was really surprised that there were so many sets left when we finally made it back to that table over nearly two hours later. Of course the couple I was thinking about were gone since they were priced so reasonably to begin with, I'm guessing about half off the retail price.

When I finally made my way back to the table the remaining stamps were half off ! So I decided to snag several that I would not have bought otherwise. There were a couple I would have rather had, but they were already gone and many of what was left were sets I already had or I did not like. They were all older sets, too, but none of the sets I'd love to find some day.

I should have asked for the ladies names and addresses so I could send them a Thank You note...... I really don't think sometimes, shoot I don't think most times !

That was a whirlwind of a day, yardsale-ing with mom all morning, home for 45 minutes before rushing off to the bridal shower and now finally back home. It was a good day.

I'll share the bridal shower gifts I made over the next three days.


  1. What a day! What a find! What a stash! LOL Sounds like a great day; glad you had fun! Your monied flowers are awesome too! A special and a unique surprise for the bride-to-be! I can see everyone's smiles now! :) TFS!

  2. WOW!!! There was a yard sale advertised last week featuring scrapbooking and stamping stuff, but I really didn't want to drive to a neighboring town and then get disappointed. I'm going to tell myself it was nothing like the one you went to!


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