Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Flower Arrangement

They make a great inspiration for a card or scrapbook page, don't they ?

I received this lovely mason jar of flowers
as a door prize for attending a recent bridal shower.
Actually, it was two different arrangements that
my sister, who also won, and I split up
then made into one.

Mine was all purple flowers with wispy greenery
while hers were the pink tulips and tiny white flowers.
We divided each arrangement in half then
recombined the two halves into two new
lovely arrangements ! 

I snapped this quick photo the day 
I brought it home, not the best lighting.
I intended on wrapping the base with
fabric and taking a better photo
 to share the next day, but
too many things distracted me
so I didn't get to around it then the flowers
started looking sad..... 
they were so pretty for those two days though !

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  1. So pretty and the flowers are perfect for the mason jar!


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