Monday, May 13, 2013

Muddy Mess

The flood waters are slowly and steadily receding ! 
The water has made its way back into the creek banks,
out of the field as of Saturday afternoon. 
Still  above flood stage though, considered moderate flooding.
At one point there was nearly 5 feet of water in the field !
It got as close as the base of the tree near the driveway
and just creeping over the edges of the road. 

I'm certainly not complaining about the smelly, sticky, muddy mess
left behind in the field when there are so many people dealing with
this mess in their homes and loss of belongings.
 I'm so very thankful that the original
flood predictions did not come true, 
otherwise I would be cleaning mud from the house 
if sandbagging and pumping efforts
were not able to keep the water away. 
I was not looking forward to moving my entire craft dungeon
 to higher ground !


  1. Glad to hear it's backing off! That must be hard to go to sleep not knowing what you're going to wake up to with it creeping up like that!

  2. So glad it has begun receding! I've been thinking about you a lot as I watch the weather reports!


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