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OWH Blog Hop Punched Star Card Tutorial

Here is my attempt at trying to explain how I made the cards 
I shared yesterday more difficult than they should have been -
but it was worth it to thank a soldier !

This shows some of the supplies I used:
4.25" x 5.5" white card
2.25" x 5.25" blue card stock
1.75" x 5.25" red card stock
two sizes of star punches
scrap of silver metallic card stock
( you could use brads, eyelets, etc)

(Note: if you have dies, this project would be so much easier.
I don't have any small star dies, so I made my punches work)

Punch the larger star from scrap paper and line up in half
on the edge of your card stock layers.
Lightly trace to give you guide lines
for punching. Use the guidelines for 
general placement of the star punch.
The key is to mark the area you want 
to punch out, then line the punch up exactly in
half over the edges of the card stock in that area.

 I show a centering ruler to help with the spacing of 
the stars, but you can eyeball it. 
Punch out three stars from scrap paper for placement, 
attach a bit of temporary adhesive if you'd like 
and play with the arrangement
until you are pleased with their placement.
Lightly trace the punched out star patterns then remove. 

After you have marked where you want to punch the stars,
flip that piece over and add a tiny bit of adhesive
in the spots that will be punched out. This is to hold
the two layers together as you are punching them.
So long as you have the adhesive in the area to be
removed, both pieces will separate so you can flip
them back over to line them up because the glued parts
will be punched out. 
You could also use a tiny strip of tape
wrapped over the edges of the card stock.
Make sure they are lined up exactly with each other,
both edges along one side meeting (they are on top of each other).

Line up the punch with the star guide lines
and the edge of your card stock layers.
This is the trickiest part of the entire project,
keeping the star punch lined up perfectly in half
along the edges of the card stock layers. 
By the way, I did not mention that this will
only work if you have a star punch that you
are able to line up in half along edges of card stock.
You want to make sure that it is exactly in half, the same
area will be punched out on both pieces so when 
you put both halves of card stock together right side up,
it makes an entire star shape.
(TIP there are many other punch shapes that will work the same way!)

Also, you will want to use a lighter weight card stock
or paper so you can punch through both layers at
the same time. If it is too thick, it is more difficult
to punch both at the same time - or it may
not even fit into your punch. 

This is a perfect example of the punch slipping
during the paper punching process -
the middle star is slightly lower and misshapen.

I did not trash the piece, I instead used a larger star
punch to punch over the crooked middle star 
and was able to save the project ! 
However, my original plan was changed
by doing this. I intended on running the red and blue
pieces through a Thank You embossing folder
then lightly sanding the raised areas to reveal
the white core of the colored card stock.
Since I messed up my punched areas,
I decided to stamp Thanks in the larger star.
I thought that might be too busy if I embossed
then sanded the background and stamped, 
so I left it unaltered. 

Use thin strips of tape on the back side
to hold the two halves in place next to each
other once you have the stars punched out. 
They need to be held in place next to each other
if you run it through an embossing folder as I 
did for the card I shared yesterday.

Here's a tip: 
if you want to make windows through the front of
your card and stamp behind it so that the stamped image
 shows through, you may want to stamp a scrap piece of paper 
rather than the card base itself. 
This is particularly useful if you want to line up
the stamped image perfectly with the punched window. 
In my case I wanted THANKS to line up across the star,
so I stamped a scrap piece slightly larger than the star
so I could move it into position then glued it behind the
star punched window of the card front.
(Ummm, yeah, that is an unmounted stamp in the photo above.......)

Encore silver metallic ink was used to stamp the image
Image is retired from Stampin' Up!

Glue the red and blue pieces to the 
front of the card base,
adhere silver metallic card stock stars in the center of the 
other two smaller star punched windows.

A closeup to try to show the dimension this technique creates,
while still being mail friendly.
This is the card I created for yesterdays post,
Operation Write Home Memorial Day Blog Hop.

The stars are punched from copper metallic card stock
that I then added Crystal Effects to the top of,
creating a "faux brad".

on cards that you make to send to our troops !

Navy blue, burgundy and tan card stocks were used. 

This particular card front was run through an embossing folder.
Securely tape the two pieces (navy and burgundy) together 
after punching the star windows out, 
making sure the tape is on the back side
of the card front when you run it through the embossing folder. 
The tape will hold both pieces in place as you run it through
the embossing folder so they are embossed together at 
the same time. If you ran them through individually, 
it would be nearly impossible to line up the embossed portions
of each half of the card front, side by side, depending on the 
embossing folder you use. 

YES, you can create the same cards in far less time
by punching stars (or other shapes) and gluing them to the top of 
the card rather than through the two colored pieces.
It did take more time doing it the way I did,
but I really like the way they turned out. 

Tuckered out from helping(?) me create my projects,
process photos, write my blog posts
and blog hopping ! 
Thanks to all that participated !!!

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  1. What a fabulous idea! Off to try this with some circle punches straightaway for this week's Unscripted Sketches Sketch-it Saturday sketch #212. Thanks for taking the time to explain this in depth! :) Have a fabulous Memorial Day!!!


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