Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 2013 Flood - 4th Highest On Record

(not correct perspective and not taken at crest)

View from an upper level window of the 
major river flooding where we live.
 Unfortunately for us there is a 
large creek across the road and a small branch runs
through our property. 
We've been here 14 years and never seen it this bad.

As of today, it should be cresting.

Keeping fingers crossed and trying to think
positive that the worst is over, 
the slow fall will commence soon,
especially since two large levees just below us broke.
Then the cleanup will start -
not looking forward to the stinky crud, mess left behind.
I can't complain
because it is all an outside mess that we have
whereas many others have to clean out their homes,
losing so much. 

I know I have nothing to whine and moan about
other than the inconvenience (and horrible amount of stress
this is causing....). So many people
have been forced from their homes due to flooding
or lost their homes , even loved ones,
in all of the recent tornadoes.
Our area alone saw 9 tornadoes on May 31st -
with thankfully no loss of life.

Yes, I think it may be time to consider moving !
I can't go through this again:
we've had three floods this year,
two of which were record setting ! 
This particular one is the worst.
It was the fourth highest flood on record
for our area.
I guess those so called 100 and 500 year floods 
are becoming 20 year floods now 
since the top two floods for our area
are from 1973 and 1993 now this one in 2013.

Looking down the road to the right,
the river is a mile away in this direction.
I'm standing on the driveway, the road is to the left of the small bushes. 
There is three feet of water over the road the the deepest point.

Looking down the road the opposite way,
there is three feet of water under the boat 
I am sitting in at this point.

Kitten staying high and dry to examine the situation.
The water is now 11 feet from the driveway,
47 feet in distance from the house.
If it rises about two more feet in depth,
 water will flood the basement.
Trying to stay positive and not worry,
hoping that this is the worst, 
it starts its slow fall soon.

Composite of photos to show how quickly the river rose.
This is a home made gauge out in our field.
It hit the 7 foot mark on June 4th.

Composite of photos to show how quickly the road flooded
in one day.
The water starts coming over the road in front of our house
first because of the creek that runs under it and 
through our property. 

View from my porch , first day of the flood.
There was no water in the field when we went to bed 
the night before. We had severe storms that produced 
9 tornadoes in the area and dumped several inches of rain
that night,  thus the flooded field. 
We were shocked to see the amount of water these storms
created, how much and how quickly the rivers rose as a result.

Most drivers blasted through the water as it was rising
on the road, unaware that it was getting so deep here.
Notice the two dogs looking out the window ?

Kitten wondering what is all over the driveway -
millions of earthworms !
I've never seen such a thing - or heard !
You could literally hear them slithering all over each
other in the large mounds of them all along 
the waters edge. Eew !

There are some positives to floods,
pretty sunrises over the newly created lakefront property.

These are just a few of the many photos I took the past 
few days. I'll share some of the wildlife photos tomorrow.
A couple of them I will be submitting to
our local newspapers photo of the week contest. 

Needless to say there has been no crafting for me
(or much of anything except prepping for the flood
and worrying). 
With more rain in the forecast and
the water predicted to fall slowly,
I think I will be packing up my craft dungeon 
to move it all to higher ground. 
Seriously thinking about getting sandbags
and trying to find sand somewhere
(but the sand plant is flooded, too). . . . 

I've not been out of the house since last Saturday, hoping to get out Thursday to get some errands done. We have to take back roads out, using a boat to get to the truck first. It will take quite a while to get to town that way, so no buying frozen foods at the grocery store!


  1. stay safe..stop by my blog and enter my giveaway

    enjoy *~*

  2. OMG Heather this is terrible. No one realizes the stress and uncertainty of a flood except those standing a few feet from its path. Praying the water recedes today, tonight etc. I wonder were all the worms come from - interesting they are one step ahead of the water.

  3. Been thinking about you and keeping you in our prayers! Hopefully warm and sunny weather is on it's way and you'll soon be back to crafting! Had to chuckle at your 'lake front property'...


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