Friday, June 7, 2013

More Flood Photos - June 2013

The property is surrounded by water,
the house and buildings just high enough to remain dry.
We are the only ones living down here 
on this stretch of road since
the owners of the nearby flooded cabins left.
At the highest point, the water was
47 feet in distance away from the house
(it would have been a two foot rise in depth
to reach the house).

A little better perspective at how close it is getting.

The only way out for a few days was by boat.

Needless to say there has been no 
newspaper or mail delivery as well as 
no garbage pickup. 
The water is starting to fall at a better than
expected pace , so if the rains miss us, 
we are hoping to see the road by tomorrow. 

Top of the phone line box. 
It had had been totally covered with water.
The phones worked for the most part,
most days there was noise on the lines
and sometimes it would ring for no reason,
but we were able to call out nearly any time we needed to. 
Whew ! 
It would have been problematic if there were no land lines
since we are unable to get cell phone service at the house
(too many trees/hills/down in a valley interfere with the signals).

No idea why someone would attempt to drive down
the road with this much water - and in such a nice vehicle !
This is actually the shallower part, there was three feet
of water over the road just past our driveway !
This photo was not taken on the day of the crest;
that entire corner of the yard was under water
when the river was at its deepest flood stage.

We took a little ride out this morning to see some of the 
river flooding and debris being left behind as it is receding.
We didn't go far since the road is still closed and 
covered with debris. 
Below are a couple of photos I snapped;
I'll share a few wildlife photos tomorrow. 

Looking across the river at a marina, the first floor
of the clubhouse is under water.
Seeing the boats floating roof height on the building
looks quite odd. 

Some of the debris and mud left behind when
the waters started to recede on parts of the road.
Some sections are still under water.
It will be several days before this well traveled  road 
is open to traffic again. 
The river is still lapping at the edges of the road.
June 7th, 2013

The red line is the crest in 1993, the black line is 1973.
I wonder if they will repaint the fading lines
and add a new one for this years crest ? 

Historical Crests
(1) 38.17 ft on 08/01/1993
(2) 33.12 ft on 04/28/1973
(3) 32.13 ft on 06/18/1844
(4) 30.94 ft on 06/04/2013
(5) 30.80 ft on 06/29/2008
(6) 30.40 ft on 05/29/1995
(7) 29.70 ft on 10/09/1986
(8) 29.43 ft on 04/25/2013
(9) 28.30 ft on 04/10/1983
(10) 28.20 ft on 04/29/1993


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