Friday, August 30, 2013

Teal Snowflakes Holiday Card

MORE cards for Operation Write Home !

I started this project when we were having nice, cool
 fall like weather (I should have been outside instead....).
A week into the project, the heat and humidity
that is normal for Midwest summers was back with a vengeance 
and has not left ! Blech !!!!
So I continue to make cards as time allows,
hiding out in my cool craft dungeon.
We are also experiencing a drought,
unlike the torrential rains and flooding
the area saw in early spring. 
Luckily many of my tomatoes were ripening, finally,
just before the extreme heat and drought set in
so I was able to have some yummy home grown tomatoes 
this year (last years drought took its toll on my plants/tomatoes)!
The squirrels and bugs had more than their fair share, too. 

On to the project.
I chose this color combination for the "snowflakes"
because I had quite a few of these little
brad eyelet doo jobbers in this teal color.

The die cut shapes are in a die set from Stampin' Up!
The inks are also from Stampin' Up! as are
 the no longer available stamp images. 

"What ? You took my box away .....
Why can't I play in the dryer ?"

For the record, Hyla kitten was accidentally locked in the dryer when she was much smaller. 
She jumped in it without my knowledge as I was emptying it one day.
About five minutes or so after I had gone upstairs with the load of laundry, I heard the most pathetic little muffled mew. Not unusual since she had separation anxiety and would cry when I was out of sight (she isn't as bad now, only if we are outdoors will she cry when she loses me). 
I must have wandered around that basement for fifteen minutes looking for her, it was difficult to figure out where the cries were coming from. Since I didn't know she had jumped into the dryer, much less followed me down to the basement, I didn't have a clue. In the end I woke hubby up to help. All I could think was she somehow found a little gap between the upstairs floor and cement foundation wall and was stuck. No way would he tear apart walls, etc to rescue her
if that were the case, I was getting sick at the awful thoughts I had.........
When he walked to the opposite end of the wall I insisted that she was in/on, he heard her cries loud and clear - he thought she was in the dryer vent tube that exited through the window there! Then it hit me - sure enough, I opened the dryer and there the baby cat stood meowing into the vent opening in the back of the dryer. That cat is the most curious, rambunctious and mean of all the cats I've ever had. She is starting to learn to be cuddled for a minute or so, but would mostly rather attack me,
play or be by herself. I'm hopeful she will eventually calm down,
be a sweet girl at least half of the time !
Despite it all, I am keeping her -
she has caught 4 mice so far :)
Old girl Kitty tried to keep up her mousing duties,
but at 14 years of age, has slowed down so
I decided to bring home the new kitten to help.
She turned six months old last week. 

Thanks for looking =) 

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