Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beads and Ribbons Bookmark

I posted the box previously here.

Mom and I went to a local art gallery "yard sale" over the weekend. The "yard sale" itself didn't have much we were interested in, although I did find a 2" binder I was in need of !

While there, we perused the gallery of fiber arts items that were on display and for sale. Oh my gosh, I should have become more artsy way back when and created more "art" to try to sell, I was totally blown away by the prices on the pieces. I have to wonder if they ever sell any and to who ? Several things were in the thousands of dollars, most were well into the hundreds !!!

There was a small section of gift type items, a bit more reasonably priced. One thing mom picked up, but quickly put back down, was a bookmark made of ribbon and beads. Ding , idea ! I dugout my small collection of beads (another one of those craft projects I wanted to get into and never did, it's not like I wear jewelry anyway) and some ribbon to make one for her ! This one is even fancier than the one at the gallery, though it doesn't have high end Swarovski type beads. I know she reads - a LOT - so maybe she will use it.

I've never made anything like this , but figured it can't be too difficult. It really wasn't, the hardest part for me was bending the ends of the eye pins and attaching the tiny jump rings. I think I should buy a smaller pair of needle nose pliers should I decide to get into beading =)

1/8" satin ribbon
7/8" organdy ribbon
eye pins
assorted plastic beads and spacers
jump rings
needle nose pliers
Fray check
tiny dab of hot glue

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. This is beautiful! It might not have crystals, but I am sure that she will love the fact that you made it even more!! Such a thoughtful gift!


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