Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Will Never Forget ..............

Driving my kids to our small rural elementary school , talking about sheep as we were driving up the long hill then hearing the radio announcers break in with news of a plane hitting the World Trade Center. At that point, there was no more news than that, the kids and I talked about what could have happened, my six year old asked if the people would be okay "You know, they are sort of in a bubble in a airplane."

Signing in for my library volunteer library duty shift and mentioning it to the school secretary; she turned on the radio.

Working in the library and being updated by the shaken school secretary when the second plane hit.

Driving home from my volunteer duties early, noting no air traffic or clouds in that beautiful fall sky as I pondered some of what my coworker thought: should I go get gas cans filled, money from the bank, etc ? At this point I still had no idea of the scope of the attacks as most of the country did not since it was early, we only knew two planes had hit the towers. 

Getting home to my husband who had been woken up by a phone call from my sister to "Turn on the TV! Where is Heather?!". 

Walking away from the TV - and staying away - I could not handle it. I worked on crafts off and on throughout the day as my mind raced. 

Hugging my kids when they made it home from school and listening to them tell me what they had heard at school regarding the day. 

Noticing the strong sense of Patriotism that followed the days events.

Yes, I will never forget.

 I   WILL.... work on Any Hero cards today to be included in the box of hand made cards I am donating to Operation Write Home. It isn't much, but it is something that I can do and enjoy doing. 


  1. I will never forget either....
    makes you really appreciate what you have and who you have beside you. I am so happy to call you my friend.


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