Thursday, September 12, 2013

Snowflake Embossed Sticker Paper Cards

Embossed silver sticker paper ! 
I stamped it with snowflakes first. 
It was run through the die cut machine /
embossing folder on the release paper,
not stuck to the card stock first.
It removed easily from the release paper
and as you can see, still has crisp embossing
after being applied to the smooth card stock.

These were pretty simple and yet pretty.
They are being donated to 
Operation Write Home. 
I think I may make a bunch to send out
myself this year, I really like how they turned out !

Huh, I discovered something interesting that may be known
to most of you - but I had no idea:
you can emboss facial tissues with an embossing folder !
I would assume you could do paper napkins, how cool !
I found it out by accident, placing a tissue over the silver sticker paper
before running it through the embossing folder since I wasn't sure
how it was going to work, I didn't want to have silver or sticky
residue left on my embossing folder. It worked wonderfully ! 
The shiny cream piece to the left in the photo is the backing paper
from the sticker - I may try to do something with those, too !

This is the sticker paper I found recently at
an art gallery "trash to treasure" sale.

Thanks for looking =) 

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