Thursday, October 10, 2013

Digital Scrapbook Album - Wedding

Another digital scrapbook album I made for yet another cousin that was married ! This has been a year of weddings and babies in our family =)

I used My Memories Suite V4 (remember, you can get the full version program FREE until October 14th using the promo code FreeTreatNH23 at; download size 4.5 GB).

I started with a predesigned album that comes in the software, Love Love. I changed up or deleted many of the pages and created most from scratch to add to the album. That is such a terrific option, having the ability to change the designers pages to suit your project.

Here are the first set of pages , more will be shared tomorrow. I'll be back to sharing more of the 250 cards I sent to Operation Write Home next week. I'm nearly done sharing the holiday cards and will be moving on to posting the all season cards I made soon.

NOTE: The pages are not exactly as I made them, layers will be slightly off as are the photo boxes. I removed  the photos for privacy issues.  I thought I could save the blank pages to publish. The photo boxes did not save to share so I had to go back in and add shapes in place of the photo boxes (what a lot of work!!!!). Shadows and mats as well as the proper layering of embellishments are not shown in these images.

This is the cover I made . I used one of the papers in the kit. I added a heart shape, white, reduced opacity. I copied the rose element from one of the predesigned pages and pasted it over and over, moving it each time to create this heart shaped wreath. Insert text boxes with Lavendaria font for the title. I used the "global search" to find a white bow and the rhinestone heart element.

I made the above two from scratch.

Altered quite a bit from the original design.

This is the only page that I used almost as is the way the designer made it. I did move the photos a bit and added a white bow behind the roses to the right. The photos would be layered in the roses.

I made the above two from scratch.

These are altered quite a bit from the original design,
using different papers and removing many embellishments.
One page is mirrored from the other.

Thanks for looking =) I'll share the rest tomorrow.

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  1. Your pages are beautiful! I am hoping to create a digital album for my nephew and his soon to be bride. Hoping I can get some good shots and the weather cooperates!


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