Friday, October 25, 2013

First Frost

Brrrrrrr ! It got mighty chilly here overnight -
it was 25.5 degrees Fahrenheit when I woke up this morning.
The first hard freeze of the year.
I wandered around the yard and took a few photos.

6:05 AM

Sunrise over the front field.
This is the field that was full of water during
There was seven feet of water out there plus three
feet over the road.

Marigolds - so full of blooms now

Mums - they were just starting to fill out nicely

Hydrangea - it was still making new blooms !
Needless to say the new blooms (no photos)
were droopy this morning

Yes, those are blooms on the tomato plant !

And newly forming tomato (right side of photo).
The plants were still producing,
though I quit harvesting them.

I let the last of the tomato horn worms have at
the plants since it was the end of the season.
I'm not sure, but my guess is this one turned black
from the cold. I took this photo the other evening.

Fire bush





I thought it was neat how
the frost formed differently on
each of the plants.

I tried to catch what it sounds like
as the walnuts are falling from the tree
and hitting the steel roof -
something like gunshots !
They've been falling for a few weeks now,
 here and there, but this morning it has been constant.
You'll hear thuds as they hit the ground and
a louder bang when they hit the steel roof.
Hyla kitten is freaked out from the loud noises.

The squirrels have will have plenty of food this year :
Walnuts covering the ground

Huge burr oak acorns also cover the ground.

Thanks for looking =)


  1. The frost is so pretty, even if it does mean the end of the growing season... We have hickory nuts falling in our yard, but fortunately they don't bounce off a metal roof before landing!


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