Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wedding Table Markers

My aunt called me one week ago today 
and asked if I could make table markers for her
daughters wedding -
this weekend !!!!
Going out of town for a few days
shortened the amount of time
I had to get things done,
but I accomplished it. 

She has since called me to ask
us to videotape the wedding
as they did not hire a videographer.
Needless to say,
the past couple of days have
been crazy hectic for me
to get all of these things done in time
to set up the reception hall at noon today.
Then it is rehearsal and dinner tonight,
wedding tomorrow with a not so 
favorable weather forecast. 

I think just the fancy printed script
would have been fine and 
I would have been done in very little time.......
Of course I had to take it up a notch and 
add extras (and maybe should have dialed
it back a bit....... but I did since I did not add rhinestones!).
I spent hours and hours making these,
they are two sided with lots of inking,
cutting by hand and die cutting.

There will be small paper ribbon bows
attached to a strip of cardstock that 
runs between the front and back
to help hold it in place. 
I was afraid they may slide down
out of position
after sitting on the tables for over
twenty four hours before the reception. 
I'll glue them together this afternoon
when I set them up.

I hope they like them.......
I'll find out this afternoon.
I'll try to get a photo of them
on the decorated tables. 

This sign will go in a basket of mini pumpkins.
I am not happy that I had to try to
hand write like a child with a crayon,
but my printer refused to work
and I was out of time. 

I left space at the bottom in case they 
want their young daughter to sign it.
 I'm not certain, but I have a feeling the 
mini pumpkins are supposed to be a sort of
parting gift from her to the young children
as a thank you for coming to her parents wedding.

Needless to say, 
my gift of a night out I had already bought
I will be keeping for my family.
All of my crafty work
and now the video job
will be their wedding gift.
I would also like to make a 
digital scrapbook for them
earlier this year.
That is, if I am able to take some 
decent photos in the dimly lit
church and reception hall
during my video taping duties !

Thanks for looking =) 

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  1. um....WOW!!! You are truly a Superwoman!!! These are amazing and I love the gorgeous flowers and leaves! I think the crayon handwriting is sweet and perfect for a kid gift! Hope all went well for you!


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