Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Critter Invasion !

A BEAUTIFUL warm, sunny fall day sure made the bugs come out ! These aren't true ladybugs we've been told, but we still call them ladybugs. They must have known the cold weather with possible snow was on it's way today. They were swarming the house by the millions the past weekend as were some other bugs I believe to be called elder bugs. It was almost dangerous to be outside, they kept getting in my hair and clothes and had I been talking to anyone, I am sure one would have flown into my mouth ! Yes, they can bite (ouch!) and they STINK if you squish them.

This one has lots of spots,
many of them are have no spots at all.

One of the many I had to pick off of-
and out of!-
my clothes. 

I thought this was kind of funny,
two of them on my ladybug figurine.

One of the millions flying.
This was taken through a dirty window 
and it was pure luck to catch it as it flew. 
Blurry, but still pretty neat.

Just one small section of the house covered
with them, racing around looking for shelter
to overwinter.
Our attic is usually full of them by this time of year,
they are swarming later than normal. 

Lots and lots of these bugs coming inside, too. 

When I walked back in the house from taking pictures,
I found this...............

Good girl, Kitty ! 
It was all I could do to keep Hyla away from it 
when she came in with me and saw it.
She is quite the mouser.

Hyla kitten caught another later that night herself.

I really need to figure out where they are coming in at,
we've never had a problem with mice
(and snakes in the basement, EEEEEKKS!!!!)
as we have this year.

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  1. I always love looking at your pictures! I'm thinking the wet conditions may have caused all of the critters to seek higher ground at your house... Good thing your kitties are keeping the mice under control! :)


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