Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Around The Yard 2013

A dozen photos I snapped around the yard last weekend during the "ladybug invasion" on a perfect fall day: sunny and 70 degrees !

A lone big leaf that blew in from one of the tall cottonwood trees across the creek.

The decorative pear trees are colorful
and still so full of leaves whereas most trees are bare.

A single leaf left hanging on the fire bush.

This doesn't show up as well as it did in real life:
there are two bright green leaves in the middle
of all the yellow gold leaves.
They are towards the lower right in the photo.

If you follow my blog at all,
you will recall we had a historic flood this past summer.
That red mark on the tree trunk marks
the water depth at crest. This tree is along the creek bank.
That mark is easily 6 feet above ground,
well above my head.
There would have been 6 feet or so of water that filled the creek bed 
before making it to the field to rise several more feet.
We put up a measuring stick in the middle of our field,
the water out there was 7 feet deep at crest -
deep enough to go boating in !
In fact, we did need to use a boat to get out for a few days 
to a vehicle parked on higher ground.
It was just too deep to drive through on our road. 

Fuzzy acorn tops from the burr oak tree.
I've never seen a quad before ! 

 Sad to see so many tomatoes that went to waste.

This was neat in real life. 
Not a cloud in the sky,
just this jet leaving a trail and the moon
(down low between the tree branches).

Hyla watching bugs fly.

Kitty daring Hyla to get closer to me

Thanks for looking =) 


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