Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Drives

We live near the Mississippi River.
We drive a portion of this scenic byway
any time we want to go "to town". 
Two weekends in a row recently we had to drive 
along this gorgeous roadway to the west 
then back home east which is not as common for us.

The drive this time of year, and especially
at the right time of day, is spectacular here.

These won't be the best photos since they were taken
through the windows of a moving vehicle.

This photo was taken on the first weekend we drove
west as we were headed back home, east.
Yes, this sounds incorrect to many people, but it is true:
the river runs "west to east" here.
It was late afternoon so the normally white
limestone bluffs were taking on a slightly yellow cast.
The trees are not very colorful now due to the 
drought we had - after an abnormally wet spring
with record setting floods !

If you look closely at this photo, you will notice a 
high water mark from 1993 on the left lower part
of the foundation on this barn. 
All of the land to the left of it was well under water
for a long time during the Great Flood of 1993. 

This was all under water during the Great Flood of 1993.
The Illinois river flooded this farming area. 

This is rolling hills, farmland high above the flood plain.

Looking down the road from a quaint little town
towards more farmland. 

Getting ready to board the ferry to come back home
across the Illinois River. 
We drove across a bridge over the river on the way up
but came back a different scenic way.
I bought pumpkins and apples at one of the many 
stands along the way. 

View from the ferry. 
It was odd being only one of three vehicles on it at them time:
the other was a semi truck ! That was a first for me,
sharing a ferry with a big rig.
Then again, I don't use the ferry often,
especially this time of year when the lines
are long due to the many sightseers.

Headed back home, east along the Mississippi River, 
the following weekend and later in the day. 
The colors are a bit more vibrant
this week after have a couple days of rain during the
week and being a bit later in the fall than our first trip.
The setting sun later in the evening also makes it more colorful.

Driving past our turnoff to get a better shot of the gorgeous sunset.
We needed to clear the islands to get the best view -
except of course for that power plant. 
Taken from the car window as we were driving.
This shows that the river truly does run "west to east" here
as the sun is setting over it ! 


  1. WOW what a beautiful drive! Nothing like my drive into work!!! Thanks for sharing your little slice of life.

  2. Gorgeous photos! How fun to take the ferry too!!


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