Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birthday Facebook Timeline Cover

I had too much fun wasting time
playing around with a digital scrapbook program
to create this facebook timeline cover!

I LOVE that the stamp images can be colored
using a feature in My Digital Studio.

I used three different colors on the flame
then a single color on each of the candles.

The white stripes are achieved by
layering a small white rectangle behind the candle
stamp image which has a transparent background.
If I did not layer the white behind there,
you would see the other candle behind them through
what should be the white stripe.

I mirrored some of the candle images, too,
to create more interest.

It was fun -
and the first time I've used that paint a stamp image feature !

Oh, I almost forgot:
this was also the first time I used the
crop a stamp image feature to chop up
and recreate the sentiment stamp !
It also required some touching up
with the paint feature to remove some parts.

A little bit of black scalloped dots ribbon to finish it off
and I think it is a cheery timeline cover for the day
(just don't count the candles , ha ha !)

Here is a handmade birthday card I received:

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  1. I saw this on facebook! I love all of the candles and such a great idea to place the white behind them-never thought about the others showing through! Hope you had a marvelous birthday too!


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