Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bits N' Pieces- Chocolate !

The  Bits N’ Pieces collaboration among designers at this month is chocolate themed - yum!

Mint Kisses by JMC Designs

Bon Bon So Long by Grace Blossoms 4 U
She has three separate bits and pieces kits.

Each "piece" is sold for $1 through December 7th, pick and choose which mini kits you like. After that first week they will go into a collaboration to be sold as one large kit at

I am fortunate enough to work with two fantastic designers as a member of their creative teams. Below are two projects I made with their contributions to the collaboration.

The project above was created with the awesome Mint Kisses kit by JMC Designs. While there are lots of feminine type embellishments in this kit, I managed to make a somewhat masculine page. When I saw this particular piece of decorative paper in the kit, I immediately knew what photos to scrap. Then it was off to try to find them ! I spent hours (no make that days, rather weeks) scanning many of my old photographs and negatives two years ago. I burned them to DVDs and kept them in a binder with a notebook I made to catalog them. It is not a perfect system and I do not have every photo noted or scanned, but there are just enough main categories that I was able to find these old pictures in about 15 minutes.

The letters and numbers are an alphabet punch. I “photo filled” each letter with a paper from the digital kit Mint Kisses. I then copied them and pasted them slightly off center, filling them with a solid brown.

The flag shapes are also punches from the program and paper filled with papers in the digital kit.

At first I wasn’t certain what I would scrap knowing that there were lots of chocolate related embellishments – and greens! - in the Bon Bon So Long kit by Grace Blossoms 4 U . I remembered a photo from long ago of the dog sniffing around the kids’ Halloween candy. I found it (in that same binder I mentioned above, but it took longer to find since I didn’t remember when this photo was taken) and decided it would work great, especially since she just happened to have her nose on a box of Junior Mints candy!!

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. Oh, I LOVE how you used these! So unexpected, yet they work perfectly with the great pictures!! Love it!


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