Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Don't Let Anyone Pick Your Wallet" Greeting Card

The card was given with the wallet in the pocket
the way one would be.
The top photo shows it pulled out and slightly askew
so you can see the wallet and texture on it.
The photo directly above is meant to show
the dimension this card has.

Mini wallet with real money attached by removable adhesive.

Use a stylus and scoring board to create the corduroys.

Use a water based marker to ink up only the portions of 
a rubber stamp that you wish to stamp.
If you don't have a pocket stamp,
you could still create one by using the marker
along a straight edge to create stitching.

Before adding the belt and wallet.
Notice all the stitching I added with a marker
and the differing directions of the cords.
Also, I slightly puffed out the pocket and belt loops
before I adhered them with strong double stick tape.
Be sure to leave the top of the pocket open !

A fun little card I came up with to gift money to my brother in law
for Christmas. 
It is supposed to resemble corduroy pants, belt and wallet.
I did spend a bit too much time on the details, 
even going so far as to draw in stitching and
changing the direction of the cord along the waistband.  

The texture on the belt and wallet was created by crinkling card stock and 
running it through an embossing folder several times.

Thanks for looking = )

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  1. This is such a fabulous guy card and the removable wallet is awesome!!


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