Monday, December 2, 2013

Pink 1966 Mustang Greeting Card


What girl / lady wouldn’t love a pink Mustang ? Okay, maybe one that is a die hard "insert favorite automotive manufacturer”  here fan perhaps, but overall I think most ladies would love to receive a greeting card with a pink Mustang on it ! Especially if it is a card filled with words hand written by her sweetheart serving our country over seas.

This is one of the many cards I made and donated to Operation Write Home last October.

The image ? It is one I had saved on my computer from several years ago just because I liked it. At the time, there was no such thing as digital stamps and the thought never even crossed my mind to print it out and color it in to use on any sort of project. I just liked the sketch , wherever it was I saw it, and saved it. So to whomever drew it and shared it, THANK YOU !

All supplies used, other than the image, were from Stampin' Up!


On the subject of Mustangs, I thought I'd share a photo of our newest ponycar: a 2007 Shelby GT Mustang. We were not in the market for a newer Mustang just yet (I've wanted this body style Mustang, with a nice sounding V8, for far too long), but this opportunity presented itself, one we could not pass up. It's far from perfect and has 150,000 miles on it because it was driven daily, 80 miles round trip, by a lady for work in all kinds of weather. I have yet to drive it and believe me it has been difficult to stay out from behind the wheel. It was brought home from out of state Wednesday night, Thanksgiving Eve. Due to the holiday, our insurance agent closed the office the last four days. Our states DMV offices are closed until tomorrow, Tuesday. I did not want to drive the car until it was properly insured, titled and licensed . So I wait, impatiently, until Tuesday......................... I know I am going to love this car ! Although white would not have been my first pick as I have been driving a white SUV for several years, I can learn to live with it ;)

Thanks for looking =)

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  1. NICE!! Hope you are soon behind the wheel of that bad boy and cruisin'!
    LOVE the pink Mustang card too! How funny that you saved the image before the whole digi thing!!


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