Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shelby *LOVE*

I was finally able to take the "new" to us 2007 Shelby Mustang GT for a quick drive the other afternoon. It was the last warm day, 70 degrees, before the weather changed drastically the following day. I knew with the arriving bad weather and roads that were sure to be salted, I would not have another chance any time soon to drive the car.

I took it for a quick drive "into town" to fill it up with gas. Before I even made it half way to the gas station, a bird pooed on it !

After I got gas I decided to drive up to our local Target store to get a bag of  cat food. I just HAD to do that, parking it on the lot at a store and take a photo. Hubby says that I better never take it shopping........ I won't have much opportunity to drive it if I don't!

As I was walking out of the store I noticed a little car had parked somewhat near the Shelby. While taking a mental note of the fact I did not park nearly far enough away, a Jeep pulled in between the Shelby and the sportscar ! Granted it did not park directly next to the car, which is a big pet peeve of mine, but still ! I always park my cars way out on the lot so as not to get door dings or hit with shopping carts people are too lazy to put in the cart corrals. Every so often someone will park RIGHT NEXT TO MY CAR, with numerous empty parking places around. That always gripes me. I'm weird like that.

Hubby says this car is not to be used for grocery shopping and the like, although that is the life it had before we bought it. This particular car had been driven daily in all sorts of weather, by a lady, 80 miles round trip back and forth to work as well as any other place she needed to go. That was the story we were told by the seller at least, explaining why the car has 150,000 miles on it already ! Yes, one hundred fifty thousand miles on a 2007 vehicle ! Despite its high miles and the life it has had, it isn't in too bad of shape overall. Sure, it has it's issues, but nothing too major.

It is a stick shift which had me worried. Although I do know how to drive my 1984 SVO Mustang which has a manual transmission, hubby kept telling me how "tight" this one is, it doesn't take much movement of the shift knob to get it into the next gear so it will be easy to miss a shift. I saw him do it himself - and not be able to find reverse ! - so  I was worried that I may have troubles with it. I wanted to take it to a parking lot for my first time to drive it, to get a feel for it as well as figure out where all of the controls and such are. Instead, I hopped in it and took off straight up into town during evening traffic ! I was a nervous wreck , but did well - I never even missed a shift ! Yep, I am going to love driving this car when allowed.............. so long as I stay away from stopping on hills :)

And maybe get a cushion to sit on. Then again , this view isn't much different than driving any other car; I'm just too short.

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  1. So glad you got to drive the car before the nasty weather hit! I'm with you on the seat cushion! I have that problem in a lot of cars... The ability to raise the seat up is one of the things I love about my Passat! Makes me feel taller!


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